Finding Still

amusement-park-1492100_1280Life rolls along with all its challenges and victories. Somehow we slip into a rhythm that suits. Others may cock their heads at the adjustments we make as we smile and move forward.

The day finally comes when we realize there’s more going on than we thought and we have to stop and consider.

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A New Thing Arises

smartphone-365072_1280“Okay, one last jumping extravaganza then clean up.” Sarah pulled her pink phone out of her sweatshirt pocket. She took a few short videos before a shiver shook her hands. Stiff fingers brought her zipper back up under her chin. The temperature had dropped.

“Time to move the leaf piles to the curb. I’ve got whipped cream for our hot chocolate.” A cheer went up from her four children and they bent to the task.

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Stay Inside the Lines

postal-32383_1280Susan retrieved the parcel from her doorstep and read the return address. Thoughts of her granddaughter warmed her heart. “Wonderful.” She stepped back into the warmth, letting the storm door close itself and shoving the heavy red door closed with her hip.

“Who was it?” Tracy’s voice rasped in her ear. Sunday afternoon cribbage games with her neighbor were almost a ritual.

The latch on the inner door slid home. “Must have been the mailman. Looks like something from Olivia.”

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