2 Ways to Follow God in 2018

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace @SandraALovelace #WallflowerWomen

I gave up on new year resolutions a long time ago. The word of the year concept caught me a while back though. So in December I reviewed all 2017 held and pondered what the next twelve months might bring. There were a lot of unknowns shrouding my vision as I sought the LORD and He answered me right out loud.

Maybe it happens this way for you too. You look ahead and your mind fills with countless tasks and activities, responsibilities and opportunities. The list is so long and diverse, you have no idea where to start . . . and you wonder which ideas pop up out of your own imagination and which ones arrive from heaven.

Those answers are available from the One who made us and knows us inside and out. And He’s already orchestrated the future for our good and His glory. What better source for direction?

Maybe you pray while you’re driving too. Anyway, that’s where I was when I got my confirmation. My Ginny Owens CD was playing, her I Know a Secret album. I was singing along with cut #10*, when the words struck me . . . the exact words I’d been contemplating as a focus for my year.

“Step out,” I can hear you say. “Leave it to me which way. You’ll miss a turn or two, but it’s okay.”**

“Whoa! Thanks, Lord. That was pretty clear.” He finalized my Step out theme just like that and I’m already making progress. You’ll notice a reference to it in the closing below. It’s a constant reminder to me and I hope it will encourage my friends to do the same. And, hesitation aside, I’m arranging a “Taste and See” seminar featuring me on Saturday morning, February 17. I’ll be posting information.

Here’s my encouragement to you as you tackle your new calendar. Step out in

#1 Small Ways – Express God’s call to you wherever you can to keep your head and heart in the game and your feet on His path.

#2 Big Ways – Be intentional to confront confusion, uncertainty, fear—every obstacle—and move forward with confidence in God’s love and His design for you and your life.

I’m looking ahead to a year of claiming my purpose. I trust you are too.

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33***

How are you moving in to this brand new year?
Share your plan and I’ll pray over it with you.

Stepping out with expectancy,


*Listen to Stumblin’ here.
**lyrics used with written permission from Ginny Owens
***Bible references from NASB version, unless otherwise noted

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  1. Sandra,
    I am leading a session at a Women’s Retreat the end of February that is titled – “Show up – Stand strong – Stepping out for Jesus”
    So I was excited to read what your “phrase for the year” is!

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