Rest for Body and Soul

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My days are busy and complex, pulling me in every direction. It’s difficult to find time even to be quiet and think. Sometimes I get bone weary and feel as if there’s no refuge to rest from the battering. That was my situation earlier this week when the LORD led me to an image that restored me body and soul.

The Buck Stops HERE

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I heard it again this week. “We’re under spiritual attack.” The statement was followed by a list of struggles one of my friends was facing. I sympathize, I really do, but such reports are starting to sound to me like a report of a series of accomplishments. And that concerns me.

The Deadly Question

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We were driving to town when my friend asked the question. It popped out as she described the wrestling match she was in with life. It was the type of question we call out in the midst of desperation. When we feel confused and lost, alone with no place to go. Enveloped in a smog that blinds, penetrates, threatens. In an attempt to make sense, pursue resolution, breathe …