3 Tips to Overcome the World

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Do you ever feel as if you’re being held at gunpoint by the world? You carry your faith and hope, God’s grace and mercy, as you head into your day. Before long, threats appear like gunslingers at high noon. Or imaginary scenarios menace like rustlers with six-guns. The challenge on every side is to stand and deliver.

Relax in Christ via His Truth

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Sue was out for her morning walk. Her sneakers felt like fifty-pound weights. LORD, I’m surrounded by one dilemma after another. She attempted to stretch out her neck and shoulders. Please grant me Your perspective in the midst of this turmoil. “I feel like . . . i feel like . . . Spock.” Her own belly laugh threw her off …

Truth about God from a Jigsaw Puzzle

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I’ve loved jigsaw puzzles all my life. The ability to fit every piece exactly where it belongs eases a basic craving. But that delight is something I have to remember when I empty the box on to the table. There’s a lot to do before the joy returns. Have you ever noticed how much life’s like that? Nothing around you …

3 Reasons to Wait

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Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD (Psalm 27:14). David wrote those words at the close of a review of his needs and a list of requests. In the face of intense stress and roiling emotions, the shepherd-turned-king announced to himself as much as his readers that trusting the LORD was the commitment …