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Since you made it to the About page, you likely have an idea of what I mean by Wallflower Woman. How long have you been nurturing, supporting, and decorating the lives of everybody else while you neglect your own trap?

Me? It’s been my entire life. Well, not exactly. I pushed off the wall a little over a year ago. And to be completely honest, there are days when I feel it might be simpler to go back. But I refuse. 🙂

How about you?

Have you ever wondered about the life God created you for? Thought about what it would take for you to find it? What’s holding you back? Friends? Family? Husband? Church? The rules you learned growing up?


I went through the typical shift adolescent girls make—relationships with others replaced the one with my true self. College and marriage took me into the role of pastor’s wife for 30+ years. Doing what was expected. The real me getting twisted up in the background. I was a dutiful Christian woman dying on the inside.

The day I realized I didn’t know who I was, it all fell apart. That’s when I decided to take the biggest risk of my life and leave behind my flat, wallpaper existence. The process takes effort. But oh, the taste of freedom is sweet!


There’s no doubt the scenery you’ve seen is different from mine. But the theme that marks the trail is the same. Some of you saw it through a rough-hewn frame, perhaps others a gold-plated one. And as you walked, the journey led you away from your true self and into a trap. Your efforts to be the best possible you somehow didn’t count.

Maybe you’ve reached your personal turning point and you’re ready to step away from the wall. Maybe you’re searching for more information and understanding. Or maybe you get it, but you need encouragement . . . support.


I’d love to tell you the path you’ll follow is smooth and nearly effortless. But you already know that can’t be true. Some of you’ve tried to break free and fallen back against the wall.

But we’re in this together now and it’s worth facing all the obstacles—confusion, doubt, fear, and more. Together we can make our way into the light God has for each of us. I promise to lead the way toward the life He created us to live.

A Few Quick Facts About Me

My favorite hobbies: travel, hiking, photography, skiing

Things that make me laugh out loud: visual comedy, practical jokes but not on me

Number of children: 2 married daughters, 3 lively grandkids

Drinks I can’t live without: herbal tea, Prague Velvet, Dr. Pepper