3 Pronouns to Lift Your Spirits

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace     @SandraALovelace     #WallflowerWomen If you have a red letter Bible, the passage would stand out on the page since it’s spoken by Jesus. Many of us have learned the words by heart, and teach them to our children. But the other day, three pronouns swelled my heart to bursting and lowered my head in gratitude.

Meddling with God’s Plans?

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Jen went to the landscape calendar hanging on the wall next to the fridge. Her index finger counted the days since the interview. Only three? Feels more like ten. The slap of her flip-flops followed her back to her task, sorting the clothes spread across the blue leather couch. I expected to hear by now. I wonder what’s wrong. Her …

Confirmation that You’re #1

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace @SandraALovelace Julie never seemed to be able to please her boss. Her car was in the shop again. The ten pounds she gained plagued her mercilessly. When a dear friend forgot to meet her for ice cream, she crawled into a pit of despair and pulled the opening in behind her. “Just once I’d like to …

3 Insights to Stay the Course

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace @SandraALovelace What keeps you putting one foot in front of the other? Especially on days that are less than joyous? Maybe the highs in your life provide sufficient exhilaration to transport you from one spiritual mountaintop to the next. Or the lows force you close to the Savior where He empowers your every move.

3 Tips to Overcome the World

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Do you ever feel as if you’re being held at gunpoint by the world? You carry your faith and hope, God’s grace and mercy, as you head into your day. Before long, threats appear like gunslingers at high noon. Or imaginary scenarios menace like rustlers with six-guns. The challenge on every side is to stand and deliver.

Relax in Christ via His Truth

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Sue was out for her morning walk. Her sneakers felt like fifty-pound weights. LORD, I’m surrounded by one dilemma after another. She attempted to stretch out her neck and shoulders. Please grant me Your perspective in the midst of this turmoil. “I feel like . . . i feel like . . . Spock.” Her own belly laugh threw her off …

Truth about God from a Jigsaw Puzzle

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I’ve loved jigsaw puzzles all my life. The ability to fit every piece exactly where it belongs eases a basic craving. But that delight is something I have to remember when I empty the box on to the table. There’s a lot to do before the joy returns. Have you ever noticed how much life’s like that? Nothing around you …