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burnt oatmealJane frowned into yet another lump of blackened oatmeal. Once in a while would be easy for her to take, but day … after … day? What did she have to do to avoid the mess?

The following day as she puttered around the kitchen while the oatmeal bubbled. Suddenly her ears detected a change in the sound. She stepped to the stove and picked up the wooden spoon. As she stirred she noticed the oatmeal was beginning to stick. She grabbed the pan’s handle and worked to free the cereal from its bottom. Too bad an alarm couldn’t go off in her head for the getting-ready-to-burn moment.


What if she taught herself to listen for that specific sound? Her imagination danced with clean saucepans. She filled her bowl and swished the pot nearly clean under the faucet. Her eyes narrowed and her jaw set itself.


On days 1 and 2 she danced away from the kitchen into her day.

rubber glovesOn day 3 her hands were back in rubber gloves, disgust on her face. Why didn’t she stop and tend the oatmeal when she heard the sound she recognized? Her bottom lip stuck out at her delayed response.  Maybe if she kicked the dishwasher she’d feel better. Her eyebrow rose with a giggle.

She needed to ignore distractions if she wanted to avoid a mess.

For two full weeks Jane squinted as she prioritized her activities—every morning. Dropped her pencil and ran to the stove—more than once. Asked Holy Spirit to cause her to hear the getting-ready-to-burn sound … and prompt her to respond quickly—throughout her days. Without His intervention she would fail.

bacon & eggsThat second Saturday she rewarded herself for building a new, positive habit. Her taste buds savored the breakfast of bacon and eggs. Too bad every meal couldn’t be seasoned with victory. She ended her celebration by pressing the Start button and folding her arms over her chest.

What if this was all about how she needed to learn to listen for and respond to Holy Spirit?

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying. ‘This is the way; walk in it.’” Isaiah 30:21*

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Thank you for sharing one aspect in Comments.

May the LORD teach us all how to listen, respond, and avoid messes.

with joy in the journey,

*all quotes are NIV1984 unless otherwise noted

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