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I’d love to drop by and share about how women get caught in the wallflower trap and what it takes to step away from the wall into the life God created us to live.

One of my greatest passions is speaking from my heart … dare I admit I also enjoy ‘performing’ as various characters?

Yes, we can use the word performing. And a few folks say I do it pretty well.

Sandra Allen Lovelace as Naomi

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What Others are Saying

Sandra, I felt such a connection with you. I didn't want your wallflower women speech to end. - Janna W., attendee

Sandra Lovelace was an absolute delight to work with. She did an awesome job in connecting with the ladies throughout both retreats. - Christine C., guest relations, Singing Hills

Thank you for your time and effort to offer one of the most interesting programs our group has had in a while. - Peggy A., organizing contact

I absolutely loved Sandra Lovelace. She intrigued me with the concept of what a wallflower woman is. Please do yourself a favor and give a listen to Sandra.  - Anita D., President, Greenville Toastmasters

Sandra, your program for us was just perfect! You did very well with the time constraints. Thank you!! – Judy K., program coordinator, Missions Committee

Sandra made the story of Naomi alive and relevant. Her talk caused me to relish God's promises and delight in Him. - Melissa C. Kirk, speaker, author of Grace Warrior

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Keynote Talks

Wallflower Women: How We Got Here Ever felt minimized, marginalized or undervalued? You’re in good company since 90% of women have. The process is neither mysterious nor irreversible. Sandra will unmask the process and help you and your group prepare for transformation.

Wallflower Women Wake-Up It’s comfy to snuggle under a quilt, but life happens with our feet on the floor. Questions like Who am I? and Why am I here? trigger confusion and paralysis. Sandra offers guideposts and strategies to pursue answers that will open eyes and hearts, and inspire confidence and courage.

Secrets of a Faithful Wallflower - Doing the next right thing was Naomi’s habit, even when life was hard and nobody noticed her efforts. Sandra offers the background and facts, but you’ll need to be careful not to giggle when Naomi tells her story. The wisdom she shares about knowing the One True God will bless every heart.

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Miss Fix-It Needs a Break Overwhelmed by the pile of responsibilities on your plate? Come meet Miss Fix-it, the woman who “does it all”. Well, maybe not exactly. Get ready to laugh and learn with helpful tips on where this ingrained habit came from and how to curb it.

From Pretzel to Freefall Molded into a knot, all you want to do is spread your arms and soar like a cliff diver. Life can feel that way, but the solution need not be so drastic. The spiritual aspects of Sandra’s switch from wheelchair travel to a wilderness hike will encourage you and your group to escape from bondage to freedom.

Castles in the Air How many times have you said, “If only …?” Poor Abedah is caught in the desert without water. Her plight illustrates the foolishness of trying to build on an unstable foundation. Sandra offers the cup that will refresh her audience with living water.

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