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Baby-in-the-womb-4th-trimesterImagine it.

Your parents discover you’re going to be born left-handed (or fair-skinned, or allergic to something, or with a temper, . . . )

They realize that such characteristics will likely cause you and them difficulty.

After all, you’ll need special scissors if you’re left handed.

They’ll need to teach you to be careful outside to avoid sunburn.

It might be necessary to monitor your diet or environment to stay healthy.

You might even need extra attention to learn how to handle frustrations.

What if they had the right to decide whether any of those attributes were going to require too many resources to make your life worth living?

What if they were approached by medical professionals with the opportunity to protect themselves and you from any unnecessary difficulties as a result of your imperfections?

And they chose to end your life before you were able to take even one breath?

Well, that’s exactly what is going on all around us.

When it’s discovered that a pre-born child is missing chromosone 21, 90% of parents rid themselves of the challenges by choosing death for their baby.

I’m rejoicing to learn that the great state of Ohio is the first in the nation to rise up against this genetic holocaust.

from National Right to Life
COLUMBUS, Ohio—On Tuesday, the Ohio House Committee on Community and Family Advancement voted in favor of Ohio Right to Life’s Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act (H.B. 135), 9-3 with bipartisan support. The legislation, sponsored by Representatives Sarah LaTourette and David Hall, could make Ohio the first in the nation to prohibit abortions from taking place solely on the basis of a Down syndrome diagnosis. Multiple studies demonstrate that upwards of 90 percent of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. Sixteen legislators are co-sponsoring the bill.

May the bi-partisan support hold as this bill moves through the legislative process.

Yet, what a travesty that such efforts need to take place. We must oppose the sickening results of the abortion efforts of so many, including Margaret Sanger’s racial holocaust, Gloria Steinem’s feminist holocaust, and China’s gender holocaust.

We’ve come to the place where human life is disposable.

And our arrogance flies in the face of the Creator of life. The Holy One who made the world sustains it with grace and mercy, power and justice.

We must not think that such atrocities have no consequences nor go unpunished. The day of the balanced scales is coming.

While there is time, let’s use our distaste, discouragement, disheartening at the cheapening of life to motivate us to pray, to speak, to act in favor of life.

And I do not only mean to openly support those organizations that we deem effective in combating such evil. Though such support is important.

I mean that we each need to live out the Truth that God exists. That all life is valuable because it is His creative work. To look for His image in everyone we see.  Genesis 2, Psalm 139

To behave in ways that value other people regardless of our differences. In our daily activities. Through every interaction.

Let’s agree to consider how we respond to those around us and whether it tears them down or builds them up. Whether we say “I could care less about you” or “you’re worth my time and attention”.

That’s how we cherish life.

Share one strategy you intend to pursue.
I’m praying for you. Please pray for me.

And share this post with others.
God bless.

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