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No Sense FriendsNow wait.

Before you draw the wrong conclusion from the title, read what I have to share.

When I describe these ladies as my No-Sense Friends I mean they’re different than my usual or regular friends.

In other words, they’re not the type of ladies one might expect to find in my circle of friends. Acquaintances perhaps, but no closer than that. To be honest, it makes no sense to me.

First, in case you can’t tell, April, Meg, and Meredith are quite a bit younger than I am. They’re in a different phase of life, mothering children from the ages of 3 to 13. (Hope I got that span right.) One family sends their children to public school, another to a private school, and the third is homeschooling.


M. and A. teach me about going out to lunch.

There’s no specific explanation why they bless me with their kind and honest friendship. Well, other than the fact that they’ve each been bitten by the same writing bug. Or, as Alton Gansky explained in the closing key note of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, we share the same privilege to communicate truth.

Actually, Meg, the third from the left in our group photo refers to us as weird and peculiar in a post over at The Gritty Pearl. April, first on the left at the top, reminds us at Red Chair Moments that no matter what’s going on around us it is well with our souls. And Meredith, on the far right, shares her heart and encourages ours at Dazzled by the Son.

Their exuberance for life in general, the writing life in particular, and life in the LORD draws me in, warms my heart, and brings me peace about the coming generation. They’re transparent as they refuse to settle for mediocre. They also happen to be loads of fun. No photos were taken during our pajama party.

AwardsThis is only our second year of cheering each other on and 50% earned awards.

Congratulations Meg and Meredith.

Congratulations to you too, April. Two articles published in national magazines is an award of its own.

It’s a treat to watch Abba encourage your hearts.

We might be an odd mix, but the Lord brought us together so let’s not question it.
(Phew, that kind of thing might not go well for me.)

Do you have any No-Sense Friends? Any women others might be surprised to find in your circle of honest to goodness soulmates? And how is that workin’ for ya? Comment here.

Resting with joy and delight over these precious blessings,

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  1. Oh my gosh Sandra. Your use of linkage is a sight to behold!! You. Are. Amazing. Tech savvy aside, you’re also one of the kindest, most honest friends I have. That you would pour your wisdom on us…well, I have no clue why you would, but count me grateful. I have absolutely no sense either. So glad I’m in good company:) ❤️

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