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New Wardrobe

Excitement kept me awake most of the night. I ended up getting out of bed early to go through my clothes.

I organized all my new pieces, pleased I could actually make outfits on my own. This was surely the grand adventure I’d hoped it would be.

Next I began folding what we’d tossed aside in the final stage of clearing my wardrobe.

The colorful blouse that lifted my spirits. A scarf I bought and wore in Europe. That purse I bought on sale in an expensive boutique. The slacks that were roomy but helped me out when I was desperate for a change. I felt tears prickle as I contemplated these friends.

Toss Pile

Toss Pile

Memories flooded back of what I’d already gotten rid of—sale items I bought to save money but never liked, pastor’s wife dresses that fit the role but not me, clothes I never found comfortable but wore because they were expected.

I’d worked hard to do the right thing, make the right decisions. The image of a woman twisted into the shape of a pretzel appeared.

I sat back and sobbed. How could so much unhealthiness disconnect my inner and outer self, stunt the person God created me to be?

“Dear LORD, please open the closet of my heart and dispose of all the worn, ill-fitting, inappropriate, distracting, and false beliefs and attitudes hidden there. Let me add them to this pile and free me of them with Your Truth. Amen”

A glance at the clock told me I better get busy. Showered, dressed, and fed we headed out to the studio to take Before photos. Then off to the hair stylist with an array of pictures for guidance and back to the studio for After photos. This was part of a special agreement we made and I’m grateful for the visual record of the dramatic changes. Thank you, Jill.

Welcome Sign

Personal Dressing Room at Photography Studio

Our second day of shopping was similar to the first. I concentrated on everything Jill said and showed me, but we stayed out even longer. We came back and went through everything, laying out combinations and reviewing jewelry and makeup. I’d asked for the complete package. It’s what I needed and what I got.

As we said good-bye I realized I was now a solo act. It was time to test a Leslie Vernick quote. “You can live yourself into a new way of thinking FASTER than you can think yourself into a new way of living.” I had to return to my real life and I wasn’t sure I was up to the challenge.

I close with two more tips from Jill Swanson, Image Consultant extraordinaire, shared with permission. 

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Repurpose what you’ve been wearing.

  • a button-down shirt as a jacket,
  • a skirt over a thin dress as a “new” blouse, or
  • a scarf under a buttoned jacket as a drape-neck blouse. Be creative!
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The compliments that come your way will amaze you—and compliments build confidence in trying new things.

Jill is all about finding ways out of a rut and onto the high road.
Email her or call her for an appointment, either online or in person.   507-250-2030

Have you ever taken on a New Look? How did it go?
Let us know in Comments.

Asking the Lord to bless you amidst the challenges you face,

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  1. In 1992, at the young age of 27, I was forced into a new look. I took on this new look not out of choice or desire, but because it was what God willed for me. I was diagnosed with cancer and on July 7, 1992, I took my first chemo treatment. Within a few weeks, my hair fell out. I didn’t recognize the young lady I saw in the mirror. I didn’t like what I saw and it was extremely hard to deal with. But that wasn’t the most difficult part of my unrequested transformation. As God was transforming my outward appearance ,he was transforming my inward self, drawing me to a place of deep intimacy with him that I had never been desperate enough to embrace in the past. I learned to rely upon him for my every breath and to give him the glory for every little victory as I traveled on this journey called cancer. Then before I knew it, I heard the 3 sweetest words: ‘you are in remission.’ As my hair began to grow back, it didn’t look like my old hair. I had gained weight from the treatments, and I didn’t like the new me on the outside. I struggled to find the old me. But one day I ran into a friend who didn’t know what I had been through. My hair was just growin back and VERY short. In fact, I had just worked up the courage to be seen in public without my wig. My friend said ‘you look so beautiful! I love your hair, but how did you find the courage to cut it so short?’ Then I told her my story. And slowly but surely, I realized God had ‘transformed me’ and given me a story to share. As I continued to heal physically,I began to heal emotionally as well. And while this ‘transformation’ was not one I would have chosen, I realized it was a much neeeded one within my heart so that I could put my priorities in order and become a vessel that God could use. This year will be 25 years since that transformation and I am forever grateful. That unplanned ‘new look’ is one that forever changed me. And for that, I am grateful.

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    Oh Pam, thank you for sharing your story. It’s wonderful confirmation that God intends for our insides to match our outsides, and He’ll apply His loving, healing hands to accomplish the task.
    Congratulations on your long-term remission anniversary. May He bless you for at least the next 25 years.

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