Relax in Christ via His Truth

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Sue was out for her morning walk. Her sneakers felt like fifty-pound weights. LORD, I’m surrounded by one dilemma after another. She attempted to stretch out her neck and shoulders. Please grant me Your perspective in the midst of this turmoil.

“I feel like . . . i feel like . . . Spock.” Her own belly laugh threw her off stride. She recovered from the misstep and sought the reason behind the outburst. An image of the legendary first officer of the Starship Enterprise popped into her head. His quizzical look clarified the connection and she let the laughter flow.

Spock first appeared on September 8, 1966 next to Captain James T. Kirk in the opening episode of the TV series Star Trek. His pointy ears marked his bi-racial heritage from an emotional human mother and a rigid Vulcan father. Leonard Nimoy portrayed the character who struggled in his relationships with fellow crew members in his commitment to apply his disciplined logic to resolve one predicament after another.

The reflection brought a familiar message to mind and broadened a smile across Sue’s face.

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By the time she crossed the next side street, snippets of several episodes had played across her memory. The review solidified her identification with the friendly yet indomitable Spock. He never quite fit in, yet he refused to abandon his efforts in spite of the social and personal tension. And his role was crucial to the success of the intergalactic adventure.

Sue’s head was up and her shoulders relaxed by the time she turned in at her driveway. With Christ as her Savior and Shepherd, and Holy Spirit as her Comforter and Guide, she would complete the course her Father and Friend set for her.

Have you ever felt the in-but-not-of pressure?
If not via Spock, how does the LORD deliver Truth to you?

With peace in The Lamb,

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