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Sandra Allen Lovelace touches hearts as she brings biblical and historical ladies to life that they might share timeless wisdom with today’s women.

Raised in a small New England town, Sandra’s life moved onto the global scene after she was married. She’s used humor and truth to inform, affirm, and inspire women on five continents across four decades.

Sandra’a own journey of personal growth and development through a childhood in dysfunction, 20+ years as a pioneer homeschool mom, and 30 years as a pastor’s wife enlightens and energizes her audiences. She makes her home with her husband in southern Maine at the moment, but if you live south she may be moving your way. She has two grown and married daughters, and three grandchildren so far. Life is never boring and always delightful in the Lord.

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Popular Topics
Offer the gift of a refreshing perspective and biblical encouragement at your next event, all wrapped up in character portrayals and giggles galore.

Version 2

Sandra as Naomi

Lessons from Naomi
One of the most misunderstood women in Scripture wants to tell you her own story. You’ll delight in getting to know the exiled widow who played a role in the unfolding lineage of the Savior of the world. Be ready for Naomi to tickle your funny bone as she surprises you with a fresh perspective on an ancient saga.

For such a time . . .
Esther was a Wallflower Woman, a voiceless orphan living a secluded life. She was minimized, marginalized, and undervalued by the world. Yet she emerged as God’s chosen vessel to save His people. You will be charmed by Esther’s sweetness and strength as Sandra brings her to life to answer the question, “What do I do now?”

Nurturing Hearts of Worship
How do we prepare the next generation to worship a holy God? You’ll want to join Sandra as she uses insights and humor to offer practical ways for cultivating awareness, attitudes, and actions that please God.

Getting to Know Miss Fix-it
If you feel overwhelmed by the pile of responsibilities on your plate, you need to meet Miss Fix-it. You’ll laugh and learn as you get to know the woman who ‘does it all’. You’ll want to join the pursuit of balance, fulfillment, and joy through the insights and strategies Sandra offers from her domestic and international ministry.

Homeschooling, a Viable and Valuable Option
The academic discipleship of our children can seem like a daunting task. Team up with Sandra as she explores how to maintain your sanity through realistic goals and practical strategies to accomplish them.

How do I Find Time for Myself?

Focused time is not found. It’s established. Sandra will reveal ways to be successful in each unique situation. You’ll walk through the process to develop a personal plan to meet this important need.


When Kids Go Off The Tracks: Biblical Hope
When a child goes astray a parent’s first question is often, “What did I do wrong?” Sandra offers hope and healing for this dilemma via God’s Truth. She shares out of her own experience through pain, confusion, and grief into the lavish mercy and grace of the God of Restoration.

Fresh Topics
When is it My Turn?

Sapphira is challenged by humorous yet poignant conversations with her best friend. Sandra infuses the interactions with the need for every overly-committed woman to prioritize her own relationship with the living God.

Guiding Children with Integrity
A harried mom shares her struggles with her own mother. The laughter that results provides a healing atmosphere where Sandra sows seeds of hope through the basics of the Christian life.

HS Mom 1

Sandra as Pioneer Homeschool Mom

Homeschooling Practice, Survival, and Celebration

It’s a wonder this Pioneer Homeschool Mom lived to tell about what her life was like in the olden days. Sandra weaves her tale to tickle every homeschool mom’s funny bone as she comes to grips with reality and ponders the rich blessings of her experience.

Guiding Children with Integrity

A harried mom shares her struggles with her own mother. The laughter that results provides a healing atmosphere where Sandra sows seeds of hope through the basics of the Christian life.

Angels in the Pews?
The casual observations of a fellow worshipper might make you chuckle. The supportive insights of a New Testament Church Lady will definitely promote the understanding that children need to be welcomed and nurtured as future participants in the worship of our Holy God.

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