3 Steps to Peace and Joy

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace   @SandraALovelace   #WallflowerWomen Tisha glanced out the window. It wouldn’t be long before her husband returned with their four children. The movie title was too crazy for her taste. Besides, she needed to finish getting ready for their anniversary getaway. She turned to the preening cat as if he were paying attention. “I’ll just take a few …

God is All-Sufficient

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Life can be hard, really hard.  Trouble and affliction abound to chop at the roots of any illusion of strength or power we may carry. If we’re honest, when we’re in the middle of a trial the temptation to dwell on our surroundings can lead to a self-perpetuating pity party. At our lowest point we may consider giving up. But when we dump our weary …

Priceless Surprise

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Pam laid the bundle on the oval table. The newspaper unfurled protecting the oak from the dampness. Purple iris, pale roses, pink lupine, and a bit of greenery spilled out. Sunbeams streamed in the window and swallowed up the remainder of the previous night’s raindrops. Her hands moved smoothly, choosing blossoms and trimming stems. The radio filled the kitchen with a mix of spirited …

After the Weaning*

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She laughed to herself as her little one slid a hand back and forth, launching green missiles off the tray and across the floor. She smiled as she watched her child explore the world of food. As expected, the head went over the side of the highchair. Baby eyes collected the data of the most recent experiment on the principle of gravity.

Grace for Runaway Horses

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You lost it again. Whether you actually raised your voice or not, the damage is done. You slipped the reins of self-control and your bad attitude reared its ugly head. Like a wild stallion your piercing eyes, sharp tongue, body language broke their constraints and led the stampede of destructive words. Hopefully, realization dawns quickly. You feel guilty. You do your …