Truth Cancels Bondage and Delivers Freedom

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace           @SandraALovelace           #WallflowerWomen Sometimes I identify with the Hebrew slaves in Egypt. No matter how hard they tried or how hard they worked, their circumstances never eased and they couldn’t find relief. As a matter of fact, their situation became increasingly unbearable. Life can feel like that. Right?

Chaos is the Enemy of Peace

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace      @SandraALovelace      #WallflowerWomen One of the suggestions in the first Year of The Blue article was for readers to offer thanks to a member of law enforcement with a handshake. A few let us know they’ve been showing their appreciation in similar ways. This time around let’s take a look at a common …

Freedom Isn’t Free … for You or Me

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace @SandraALovelace #WallflowerWomen Rachel didn’t know the words from the Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC. But she agreed with them. As far as she was concerned, freedom was expensive. And she wasn’t willing to pass out any until she was paid.

3 Steps to Peace and Joy

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace   @SandraALovelace   #WallflowerWomen Tisha glanced out the window. It wouldn’t be long before her husband returned with their four children. The movie title was too crazy for her taste. Besides, she needed to finish getting ready for their anniversary getaway. She turned to the preening cat as if he were paying attention. “I’ll just take a few …

3 Reasons Not to Hesitate in Prayer

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace @SandraALovelace  Her back settled into the corner of the couch. The dotted pattern invited her to relax. Well, at least her body was responding. Her mind and heart not so much. Sara reached for her study materials on the lacquered end table. Leaving behind the notebook and pen, she plopped her Bible into her lap. These …

2 Ways to Follow God in 2018

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace @SandraALovelace #WallflowerWomen I gave up on new year resolutions a long time ago. The word of the year concept caught me a while back though. So in December I reviewed all 2017 held and pondered what the next twelve months might bring. There were a lot of unknowns shrouding my vision as I sought the LORD …

God Knows & Continues to Love

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace @SandraALovelace #WallflowerWomen If you knew about the betrayal, would you have entered the relationship? If you’d heard about the highway backup, would you have chosen that route? If you had any idea the return process was a bear, would you have tried the product?

3 Pronouns to Lift Your Spirits

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace     @SandraALovelace     #WallflowerWomen If you have a red letter Bible, the passage would stand out on the page since it’s spoken by Jesus. Many of us have learned the words by heart, and teach them to our children. But the other day, three pronouns swelled my heart to bursting and lowered my head in gratitude.

Meddling with God’s Plans?

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Jen went to the landscape calendar hanging on the wall next to the fridge. Her index finger counted the days since the interview. Only three? Feels more like ten. The slap of her flip-flops followed her back to her task, sorting the clothes spread across the blue leather couch. I expected to hear by now. I wonder what’s wrong. Her …