2 Ways to Follow God in 2018

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace @SandraALovelace #WallflowerWomen I gave up on new year resolutions a long time ago. The word of the year concept caught me a while back though. So in December I reviewed all 2017 held and pondered what the next twelve months might bring. There were a lot of unknowns shrouding my vision as I sought the LORD …

3 Tips to Overcome the World

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Do you ever feel as if you’re being held at gunpoint by the world? You carry your faith and hope, God’s grace and mercy, as you head into your day. Before long, threats appear like gunslingers at high noon. Or imaginary scenarios menace like rustlers with six-guns. The challenge on every side is to stand and deliver.

A New Thing Arises

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“Okay, one last jumping extravaganza then clean up.” Sarah pulled her pink phone out of her sweatshirt pocket. She took a few short videos before a shiver shook her hands. Stiff fingers brought her zipper back up under her chin. The temperature had dropped. “Time to move the leaf piles to the curb. I’ve got whipped cream for our hot chocolate.” A …