Freedom Isn’t Free … for You or Me

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace @SandraALovelace #WallflowerWomen Rachel didn’t know the words from the Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC. But she agreed with them. As far as she was concerned, freedom was expensive. And she wasn’t willing to pass out any until she was paid.

God Knows & Continues to Love

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace @SandraALovelace #WallflowerWomen If you knew about the betrayal, would you have entered the relationship? If you’d heard about the highway backup, would you have chosen that route? If you had any idea the return process was a bear, would you have tried the product?

Confirmation that You’re #1

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by Sandra Allen Lovelace @SandraALovelace Julie never seemed to be able to please her boss. Her car was in the shop again. The ten pounds she gained plagued her mercilessly. When a dear friend forgot to meet her for ice cream, she crawled into a pit of despair and pulled the opening in behind her. “Just once I’d like to …

Backdraft Ignition

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Firefighters know that a room in a building can heat up to the point of ignition with no visible evidence. Not even smoke. And if oxygen is introduced by opening a door or breaking a window, flames can envelop the entire area almost instantaneously. The backdraft phenomenon can happen to people. I know because it happened to me.

New Look #6

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Returning to my regular life started off well. All the fresh clothes and jewelry kept my spirits high. I made it over the makeup hurdle pretty quickly. The pieces Jill helped me put together served me well those early days. Then came Sunday. I planned to attend a small, country church about a mile down the road. It was my …