What’s in a Name? Na’omi update

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The quote goes on to say, “that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”  Shakespeare, from Romeo and Juliet

Juliet’s argument that names aren’t important is challenged by the value ADONAI places on them. Meaning is woven into names throughout the Scriptures, beginning with Adam which comes from adamah, the Hebrew word for dust.

And so, to stay in line with the Mosaic books and lend authenticity to the manuscript, I’ve decided to use the closest forms I can find for the names of my characters.

  • Ruth with BoazNa’omi
  • Elimelekh
  • Machlon
  • Kilyon
  • Orpah
  • Rut
  • Bo’az
  • Oved

I’ll do the same for places.

  • Beit-Lechem
  • Moav

And of course the names of God.

  • Elohim

Actually, I’ve begun using the Complete Jewish Bible translation by David H. Stern. The subtle differences in spelling and format present a fresh face to the text. I find myself drawn in afresh to Moshe’s accounts of ADONAI’s presence in the early days.

Exciting days ahead for me and my characters!

I need input from you.
Should I include an explanation of this decision with my eventual readers? or not? Tell me.

Thank you for your interest in this writing adventure.
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I pray ADONAI will keep all our hearts turned toward Him. Amein

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