How long had it been since she gave in to her gut … responded to the cue whispered on the inside? Surely more than a year. Or was it two? Just about the time she started making excuses for him.

sadThe noise from the party next door invaded the kitchen and shifted her mind to memories of the extravagant reception. A chill ran through her body. “And here I sit. Diluting my tea with tears. I can’t believe I just told you about that.”

“Have you ever shared it with anyone else?”

“Of course not. Look how popular he is. Nobody would believe me. They’d all say I was crazy … or worse.”

Her friend reached out and grabbed her upturned hand.  “But you’re suffering. When was the first time it happened?”

“I can’t remember. ” She picked at the red placemat. “Probably after the ceremony. He was always warm and chivalrous before then.” She shifted in the wooden chair. “Now that I think about it, when we got home from the honeymoon I felt like I’d walked into a trap.”

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“I don’t know. I was afraid. What was I supposed to do?” She shook her hand free. “I guess I decided it wasn’t so bad. Or maybe I thought I could change him. Hah, that’s not gonna happen.”

“Listen, you need to be careful.”

“Don’t you think I know that? There’s no telling what he’s capable of.” She lifted the drink to her lips, tested the heat, and took a sip.

“No. I mean you need to be careful for you. I’m reading The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis and a quote that penetrated my brain comes to mind.

“The more often he feels without acting, the less he will be able to ever act and, in the long run, the less he will be able to feel.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She clunked her mug on to the table.

cup-933664Her friend leaned on her forearms. “When we get that internal sense that something doesn’t make sense, it’s a warning. We need to bring it to the Lord to ask Him what’s happening and how to respond.”

“And when you do that and you can’t figure out what’s right and what’s wrong? Then what?”

“Well, …” She intertwined her fingers. “We need to do whatever it takes to sort out the details and our feelings. Search for information. Seek mature counsel. Whatever.” She spread her palms on the table. “The worst thing we can do is nothing.” She leaned in. “Ignoring the still small voice the Lord sends to alert us also silences our emotions. Eventually we can deaden our feelings all together. I don’t want to see that happen to you.”

She dabbed her cheeks with the napkin, thankful it was fabric and not paper. “I don’t either.”

“The Lord knows and cares. He’s right beside you in this thing, offering the blessings of freedom and wholeness. Let’s take it to Him right now. He’ll make a way.”

The two bowed their heads and opened their hearts to the living God.

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