About Sandra

Hello. I’m Sandra. I enjoy supporting women ready to slide from overwhelm to peace, from where they are to where they want to be.

In fact, I’ve been encouraging women and their families for more than 50 years. Beginning in a public school classroom setting as a master teacher and curriculum specialist, my service branched out to an international private school, an outdoor education center, the local and national homeschool community which expanded to the international level, along with 30 years in the church leading women’s ministries and writing curriculum on both adult and children’s levels. My support as a trauma-informed speaker, consultant, and coach combines my background in education and ministry with my trauma-informed experience, training, and skills. Understanding trauma not as a personal flaw or irreparable injury, but the result of an automatic reaction built into the basic human Design. This perspective allows me to introduce women to the importance of developing a sense of wholeness across the Mind, Body, Spirit. The trauma healing and recovery framework I offer includes bible-based information for a fresh mindset, somatic exercises for body awareness, and worship practices for spiritual growth.

My Story

I spent decades in the trauma trap where, like many women, my life was swamped with the people-pleasing habits I learned to survive. In adolescence, maybe like you, the typical shift occurred and relationships started directing my behavior and determining my worth. False perceptions, poor coping skills, and frantic choices led me further into the trap. After college and into my career, my heart and goals changed. I did my best to be the dutiful Christian woman, wife, mother I was told God expected, and I have no doubt He received the results as exactly that. However, the unique individual Jesus designed got twisted out of shape and pushed aside.

I came to realize my life was built solely on what was happening around me, a common response to living in trauma’s Survival Mode. I felt my responsibility was to figure out what anyone and everyone around me needed to be happy and reach their full potential and meet it. A task I saw as an actual life or death assignment with no mention of my needs, hopes, or desires. My life had become an illusion, a mirage formed in the desert of fear and confusion, neglect and loss. That’s when I knew I had to find a way to freedom. Let’s say the healing process has had its easier and tricker days. Learning about trauma was a turning point.

Your Story

Trauma recovery is a transformational journey to uncover the unique Design and Purpose Jesus built into you at conception, the one the Father intended before He laid the foundations of the world. Transformation isn’t always easy or comfortable. It takes time and intentionality, and is often misunderstood by those around you. But oh, to know in the depth of your core that you are Loved and Cherished. You can be Whole, Secure, and Free. The journey is more than life-changing. It’s life-giving!

The scenery along your path has been different than mine. However, the theme of putting others first and always having to try harder at the cost of Peace in your own Mind, Body, Spirit is common to a woman’s journey. Perhaps your view was a landscape of options without protective limits. Or a narrow passage so dim it was hard to keep hope alive. And your best efforts to help everyone else are never noticed while your own happily-ever-after hasn’t appeared. Encouragement and support are at hand.

Our Story

I’d love to tell you the path you’ll follow is smooth and nearly effortless. But you already know that can’t be true. Some of you have tried to break free and found the escape route too challenging. I’m right here and ready to come along side you to equip and inspire you onward.

We’ll overcome the trauma recovery journey obstacles—confusion, doubt, fear, and more. We’ll rejoice in the triumphs—clarity, confidence, courage, and more. Together we’ll take the mask off of trauma, develop Mind, Body, Spirit unity and strength as you uncover your unique Design and Purpose. You’ll grow in confidence toward the abundant life God has waiting for you.

Interesting Facts About Me

I enjoy travel, especially to international destinations with a purpose. The more hikes, photos, and new friends, the better. At home, I keep my yard as low maintenance as possible to increase my enjoyment of the sturdy flowers that overcome my minimal care. Art supplies fill two buckets, and when I pull them out and indulge I revive. Friendships are an adventure I enjoy with enthusiasm. I’m glad I chose to take on the technology challenge in rebuilding this website.

Five things I want to be known for:
1. Fearless pursuit to know and trust God well
2. Active compassion in healthy, Jesus balance
3. Diligence to recover my Ephesians 2:10 Design
4. Delight in living my Ephesians 2:10 Design
5. Peace, the kind the world cannot grasp

My efforts to tend my own Peace include a walk in the park or downtown Greenville, the absence of television, candles at mealtimes, steaming cups of tea, and a cozy mystery to read at the end of the day.

If you want to know about my specialized experiences, related training, and education degrees, scroll a little further on this page.
You’ll also find a video of clips from a past event further down.

That’s enough about me. Now, I’d like to meet YOU.

Paperwork & Otherwise

Sandra Allen Lovelace    Consultant, Mentor, Speaker, Author

Honoring Christ by serving women at their greatest point of need, 1971 to present
Founder and Director, Lifework Forum, LLC, speaker and author on a variety of topics from a biblical perspective nationally and internationally, 1991 to present
Attendee, Trauma: How God’s Light Breaks into Our Deepest Darkness, Christian Counseling and Education Foundation, National Conference, 2023
Participant,The Body Keeps the Score, TRF Book Club with Bessel van der Kolk, 2023
Participant, Trauma Summit, with Alex Howard, 2023
Participant, Trauma Research Foundation Book Club, No Bad Parts with Richard Schwartz, PhD; Author, Founder of Internal Family Systems, 2022
Mentor, 21 Day Journey course, Trauma Healing Accelerated with Dr. Aimie Apigian, Board Certified Preventive Medicine Physician; trauma, attachment, addiction specialist, 2021
Affiliate Advocate & Small Group Leader, Called to Peace Ministries, Christ-centered response to those impacted by domestic abuse, Raleigh NC, 2021 to present
Keynote speaker, Trauma and the Abundant Life Conference, 2019
Workshop Leader, Conquer Conference, Leslie Vernick, Relationship Expert, 2018
Participant, Celebrate Recovery and ReGeneration Christian recovery programs
Participant, Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA), program of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Master Teacher, Team Leader, Public, private, international classrooms, and outdoor education
Homeschool Pioneer and National Leader, 20+ yrs
International Consultant, Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), 10+ yrs
Supervising Consultant, International Christian School of Budapest, Hungary, 7 yrs
Staff, L’Abri, Switzerland with Dr. Francis & Edith Schaeffer, 2 yrs

Related Training
2nd Place Award, Article from Trauma and The Bible, Carolina Christian Writers Conference, Spartanburg SC, 2024
Certificate, The Compassionate Self, Suncrest Counseling, with Richard Schwartz, PhD; Author, Founder of Internal Family Systems, 2022
Certificate, IFS as a Safe and Deep Healing Map and Approach to Addiction, Dr. Richard Schwartz, 2022
21 Day Journey course with Dr. Aimie Apigian, Board Certified Preventive Medicine Physician; trauma, attachment, addiction specialist, 2021
Biology of Trauma Summit, with Dr. Aimie Apigian, 2021
2nd Annual Boston International Trauma Conference, with Bessel van der Kolk, MD; Author, Researcher, Educator on trauma and attachment recovery since 1970s, Founder of Trauma Research Foundation in Boston MA, 2021
Trauma Super Conference, with Alex Howard, international Therapist and Author, Founder of Optimum Health Clinic in UK, 2020
Certificates in the Faith-based Advocacy Program with Debra Wingfield, EdD; author, instructor, trainer with 20 yrs experience treating adult children of dysfunctional families, and Joy Brown Forrest, Founder of Called to Peace Ministries, Raleigh NC, 2020, 1 yr/12 courses
Certificate of Achievement Domestic Violence Advocacy Program from Called to Peace Ministries, Raleigh NC, 2021
Certificate of Training for trauma-informed approaches to domestic violence, Safe Harbor, Greenville SC, 2020
Addressing Domestic Abuse in the Church, Chris Moles; Pastor, Author, Advocate, 2-day course, 2020
Interfaith training on Intersection of Faith & Domestic Violence Certificate, Julie Owens; leading domestic violence Expert, acclaimed Speaker, Consultant, and Trainer, 2019
Advanced Certificate in Christian Life Coaching, Light University, Atlanta GA, 2019
Certificate in Resilience Training with Connections Curriculum by Brené Brown, Safe Harbor, Greenville, SC, 2019
Competent Communicator, Toastmasters International, Best Speaker and Best Table Topics awards, 2018

BS Elementary Education, Southern Connecticut State University
MS Communication Arts, Western Connecticut State University
Postgraduate work in Student Evaluation and Language Development, Fitchburg State, MA

A Peek at How I Speak