Julie Owens

by Sandra Allen Lovelace  @SandraALovelace  #WallflowerWomen  #TimetobeYOU!

Please welcome Julie Owens to our Year of the Wallflower series. It would be impossible to highlight one of her accomplishments without doing an injustice to the breadth of her influence. In fact, Julie’s been serving women in the field of domestic violence (DV) for 30 years. Among the areas she’s impacted are –

  • identifying, assessing, and assisting victims of abuse
  • building collaborations and community partnerships
  • training in DV intervention and prevention
  • serving victims of human trafficking

Julie is a highly respected authority on the topic of violence against women. As such, she’s provided expert witness testimony in both civil and criminal court cases. Though Julie no longer works directly with victims and survivors, we chose to introduce you to her for the integrity she’s displayed throughout her life and across her work in this demanding arena.

We live in a cultural climate where traditional perspectives on the institution of marriage and male-female relationships have compromised the value of women. In her advocacy, Julie stands for the biblical perspective that God created men and women with equal value in all relationships. As co-creations of His hands, women deserve protection from all forms of trauma and violence.

Women who find themselves caught in or emerging from the trap of being minimized, marginalized, and undervalued take note. You are not alone. God is watching. He sees and knows and cares. You are so precious that He sent His Son to rescue you, not only to adopt you into His forever family via His perfect life, prophesied suffering, death, and resurrection. But to redeem the design and purpose He has in store for you. You can read Julie’s rescue story HERE.

Julie Owens is the best type of expert you can find. A survivor of domestic violence, Julie walked her recovery journey into direct services for other victims. Her expertise expanded as she founded various programs and participated in research development and grant oversight on both the state and national level. Julie continues to empower women through her role as a consultant, trainer, and keynote speaker on the topics of domestic violence and religion, cross-training in trauma care, and a host of related topics.

Thank you, Julie. Your faithful trek is an inspiration.

To find out more about this well- known yet delightfully normal authority, visit

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