child-1528308_1280She laughed to herself as her little one slid a hand back and forth, launching green missiles off the tray and across the floor.

She smiled as she watched her child explore the world of food.

As expected, the head went over the side of the highchair. Baby eyes collected the data of the most recent experiment on the principle of gravity.

“It’s a treat to see you investigate the world around you, my clever treasure. But the days aren’t far off when I’ll be teaching you how to clean up the messes you make.”

The face that turned toward her radiated delight and confidence. She reached out and smoothed the strands that felt more like silk than hair. Standing up from the cushioned bench, she spoke with gentle authority. “Let’s get you ready for your nap.”

HallwayTray removed, tiny face and fingers wiped, she set her almost-walker on the floor and took a pudgy hand. “We’re going to go down the hall. Come along. This way.”

Her heart warmed at the slap, slap, slap of bare feet set to conquer the trek over the kitchen tiles and along the hallway planks.

She bumped the mobile to make it dance while she changed yet another diaper. The patterned rug was certain to entertain a curious mind.

Putting the toys back in the fabric bag and straightening the sheets only took a moment. When she turned her words rang out. “Don’t touch that.”

In an instant she scooped the chronic explorer into her arms, snuggled away from the socket. “Shhhh. It’s all right. I’ve got you. You’re safe.”

Back in her comfortable place, she set her elbows on the yellow table cloth and rested her forehead on her entwined fingers. The whimpering that drifted to her ears was the tired sort she knew would end soon in the rest so desperately needed. Peace was only a minute or two away.

Version 2“Father God, I confess. I was afraid the weaning would be more difficult than it’s been. I miss the feeding times that gave me the opportunity to refocus. I could contemplate my baby’s countenance, draw on the peace I found there.

“This new phase of developing independence within the safety I provide is extending that experience. Please cause me to learn for myself how to be still and quiet in the security of Your embrace. Amen”

What thoughts or feelings arose for you?
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Thank you and God bless.

*from Psalm 131:2

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