EarthB’resheet, “in the beginning”, may seem like an odd topic for December, the closing month of the year.

But I’ve been pondering a phrase that’s repeated six times in the creation account in Genesis 1. 

“that is how it was”

At least that’s the way the phrase is translated in the “Complete Jewish Bible” by David H. Stern. And I admit that my mind gets caught on such things when I read a new translation. The slight variation is intriguing.

Plants2Over and over Moses records God’s creative activities and then declares and “that is how it was”.

What God said came into existence in time and space.

No errors. No frustration. No chaos.

God said it and “that is how it was”.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if the things I want to happen simply fell into place without a struggle … or came to be at all.

My days would all be sunny and cheerful. Outfits would fall together as I got ready for work. People in my life would understand my needs and meet them without being asked.

I think that would be lovely.


Well . . . except that my thoughts and desires are driven by my flesh, fallenness, and foolishness. Even I realize the results would be disastrous.

Sunny dayGod’s words and actions are the outworking of His divinity, perfection, and omniscience. They are underscored by His love, justice, and mercy. Everything He does is right.

The more we’re able to soak in those truths the more peace we’ll have in the face of challenging circumstances, scary situations, or unmet longings. 

When it rains, we can look for God’s blessing in the midst. When a favorite blouse is in the laundry, we can ask Him to show us a creative substitute. When the people around us seem deaf to our distress, we can run to our Abba Father for comfort.

Earth2The basics of creation, B’resheet, continue today in the sense that God is directing world events with His sovereign hand. No errors. No frustration. No chaos. 

It might not look that way to us, but it’s still true. God is on His throne and He’s bringing everything in line with His perfect will. 

And in that there is peace for those who know and love Him through His Son Jesus the Christ.

“God saw everything that he had made, and indeed it was very good.” Genesis 1:31

May the Lord bless you this week by making His presence known.

In His hands,


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