You don’t have to journey alone.

Hello Friend,

Traveling into an unknown space can become more of a task than a joy or adventure, especially when trauma is part of the dynamic. Have you noticed?
That’s why a companion who knows the trail can come in handy. Besides, pointing out signposts and obstacles, an experienced partner can inspire a sense of calm excitement in the midst of stressful circumstances. Let me explain the benefits this way.

Self-regulation, the ability to calm oneself when anxiety threatens, is one of the abilities often missing or lost in the lives of those who carry trauma. Co-regulation is an interpersonal calming process fellow travelers trained and adept at self-regulation can offer through information, modeling, and encouragement. Such valuable support, one on one or in a group setting, eases the shift out of trauma overwhelm and into recovery peace.

There’s no need for you to walk the trauma recovery journey alone. Whether you skimmed the pages here or reviewed each line, pause and consider your next best step. Even a tiny one is a major victory.

Go ahead and use the form below to take your step TODAY. I’m right here.

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May you grow in confidence that you’ve found a place where you belong.

Praying all the awareness and peace you need on your trauma recovery journey,