by Sandra Allen Lovelace       @SandraALovelace       #WallflowerWomen

The rain beat against the window, and the thirty-something law partner pulled the flowered comforter up over her head. Thoughts of taking a sick day rose in temptation until an important ten o’clock meeting released a groan. “And I have to chair it with all the controversy swirling around.”

What’s a woman to do?

Stacy Williams  rolled out of bed, showered, put on makeup, and dressed with her usual efficiency. Sitting on a stool at the butcher block island with her Bible turned to the verse of the day, she took a bite of toasted bagel. Her tongue reached out to catch the excess cream cheese on her upper lip. By habit, her eyes traced the entire passage.

It would have been difficult to imagine such unfaithfulness among God’s people except for her own struggles. She’d been walking with Christ for more than ten years and still felt like a failure most days. Inspired by the biblical account, she prayed for all the wisdom and discernment she’d need, especially to be brave when opposition flared. “Father, Son, and Spirit, he had a crowd of supporters, and I have none. Please go with me into this demanding situation. Amen.”

Somehow the clock on her desk seemed to jump from 9am to 9:45am in five minutes. She walked to the conference room and took the chair at the head of the oval mahogany table. She placed her documents in order and welcomed the board members as they entered. A silent prayer went up for angelic coverage.

While the group worked their way through the opening parts of the agenda, there was the normal give and take of ideas. But when the dreaded topic came up, eyes dropped and lips tightened. Stacy cleared her throat before asking each member for their opinion. An intense and sometimes heated debate followed that challenged her referee skills. In near desperation, she offered a suggestion that evolved into an acceptable compromise just before lunch.

The executive dining room was empty by the time Stacy placed a freshly-delivered Panera bag on the table. She bowed her head over a chicken salad, but there was so much beyond the food to be thankful for—blessed confidence, insights, and peace, and especially the verse that led her out.

Arise! For this matter is your responsibility, but we will be with you; be courageous and act. Ezra 10:4*

How do you prepare for stressful situations—head under the covers or bowed in prayer?
Comment on what results you’ve found with either approach.


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