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Let me introduce you to my friend Tasha. We met at Leslie Vernick’s Conquer Conference in 2016 when I was my Before self, and again in 2018 as my After self. As God would have it, we’re both on His transformation journey. I’ll let her explain.

Actually, my birth name is LaTarsha Yolanda McDonald.

When I was younger, I would cringe when I heard “LaTarsha.” I admit I was embarrassed by my first and last name. One because I didn’t want to be associated with Ronald McDonald who was everywhere back in the day; and two, the R always brought questions. I just started telling people the R was silent. (psst … Don’t judge me. … lol)

Of course, when I got married, my last name changed to Scott. So I became Tasha Scott. But when I Googled myself, I saw Tasha Scott is actually a pretty common name. There’s an actress and a lawyer named Tasha Scott, amongst others. My husband even has a niece named Tasha Scott. So I decided to add the M and became Tasha M. Scott.

Fast forward to a one-on-one conversation with someone about my name. Don’t ask me  how my legal name came up, but she said, “I LOVE your name. It’s unique.”

Right then … a light-bulb came on. I’d spent the first part of my life feeling ashamed of my name (my God-given identity); the second part trying to be someone else … only to discover I’ve been this unique individual the whole time.

When I looked up the meaning of LaTarsha, I discovered the root of my name comes from the word Gift. I’m a gift. Not just any gift … God’s gift and the manifestation of His purpose.   And the same is true of YOU!

We’ve all been guilty at one time or another of downplaying something about ourselves because we didn’t want to be seen. That’s why the Apostle Paul’s reminder is one of my favorites. For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10

Owning our God-given identity paves the way for us to embrace our God-given purpose and fulfill our divine potential. Whenever we’re tempted to apologize for our unique design, we can pause and  ask ourselves why we want to hide … and what we might accomplish if we live by God’s design.

As we head into a new year, let’s make a deal. We’ll stop hiding and apologizing. We’ll revel in the freshness of who God says we are as walk His path, and watch Him expand our horizons.

Are you in, my friend?     As Sandra says, It’s time to be YOU! 

Tasha M. Scott is a Professional Speaker, Leadership Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, and Certified Life Coach. She is the Author of two books: Don’t Limit Me and Maximize Your Existence. She’s also a member of the John Maxwell Team and a Book Yourself Solid™ certified coach. Tasha M. Scott is the owner of Maximized Growth, LLC. Yet it is through her speaking, coaching, and writing, that she helps others transform their lives and businesses, and find the clarity they need to live a more prosperous and purpose-driven life.

Find more about Tasha at | | @coachtashascott (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)

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