Escape Trap

by Sandra Allen Lovelace  @SandraALovelace  #WallflowerWomen  #TimetobeYOU!

When was the last time a healthy habit popped up in your life?

It’s never happened for me either. I’ve spent a lot of days caught in routines that end up leaving ugly and painful ruts. But lately, I’m seeing positive behaviors replace negative tendencies.

When I realized the amount of valuable time and energy distractions were devouring, they became my change target. My continuous reviews of what somebody said or did to sort out their meaning and motives led me into figuring out how the interchange could have gone differently. The same process leads to imagining the future, what someone might say or do and what possible responses would produce which results.

This hyper-vigilance trap is common among women. We live with the idea that change will somehow appear magically or automatically … though we rarely see it  even after a lot of sacrificial effort. It’s time to confront our faulty beliefs and pointless patterns.

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Awareness was one of my much-needed early steps. My focus needed to change from other people to myself. What was I saying and doing, what were my meanings and motives, what effect was I having and how did I feel about that? And the same about the future, how much time did I spend on planning around things I knew nothing about? My conclusion was there was a lot of foolishness going on, and I could use my time more wisely.

Commitment to change came next with the admission I couldn’t affect the past nor manipulate the future. The present was where the work needed to happen, and my reactions and responses were the arena. My responsibility was clear because the only person who can change me or my behavior is ME. More confirmation of my direction.

Attention to my own stuff meant putting my own thoughts and feelings, attitudes and actions under the microscope instead of everyone else’s. Oh what a change that perspective is making. As I challenge myself, unhealthy and harmful views and habits stand in stark relief against what used to be acceptable or at least understandable and excusable.

The environment that’s empowering the changes I pursue is time spent meditating on Scripture and saturating my heart and mind in worship music. Biblical truth about who God is and who I am as His daughter lifts my eyes and refreshes my soul these days. As I bathe myself in His presence, God’s grace flows in joy rather than frustration and peace instead of fear.

Transformed by the renewing of my heart, mind, and spirit by the Gospel of Christ empowers me to put off the old woman, and put on the new. Yahooo! Share on X

Are you caught in the endless trial of mental gymnastics and unhealthy habits?
Be assured, resting in Jesus will lead to freedom and transformation.
Do you have questions? Go ahead and ask me.

The Almighty reigns,


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