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by Sandra Allen Lovelace  @SandraALovelace  #FreedomWalker  #TimetobeYOU

You were surrounded by your parents’ abounding love and generous provision. Yet you chose the part of a slave rather than an heir.

You had access to a life of ease with countless blessings. Yet you chose to suppress your desires rather than ask for what was available.

You contributed to your family’s wealth through the dignity of work. Yet you chose bitterness over another’s restoration rather than join the celebration.

Sound familiar? These are statements we could make to the older son in Luke 15. Clearly his own choices laid the groundwork for his crop of frustration and anger. What about me? How about you? Share on X

I’m ashamed to say I contributed to that situation for most of my 50 year walk with Jesus. I stepped into a Cinderella role where my hopes and dreams dwindled while I tended those of everyone around me. I concentrated on the Scriptures about duty and tasks as I ignored the ones about making my heart known to my Creator. Most seriously, I set my sights on pleasing Him above abiding, reveling in His presence.

As I look around at the body of Christ I see many in similar circumstances. I hear dismal descriptions about the position folks are in, the things they have to go without, what other people have that they deserve. Like the older son, their choices trap them in a horizontal perspective, a view of the world that prevents them from looking up.

Christ came as the Father’s representative, to display the Father’s existence and nature. Not as a silent partner adrift in the clouds, but as a presence intrinsically and intimately involved in our lives. Christ expressed the limitless love, redeeming rescue, and eternal peace available to those who belong to Him.

Let we who know Him choose to abide in His presence where love abounds, embrace our role as fellow heirs, open our hearts as we seek His favor, and celebrate His redemption wherever He grants it.

Are you ready to enjoy heavenly peace?
Pause for a moment and whisper Jesus. He’s right there.


Luke 15:11-32, esp. 28-31; John 1:18; 2 Corinthians 4:4; Hebrews 1:3, 4:16; Romans 8:17; Philippians 4:6-7; James 4:2-3; Luke 4:18-18; and more.

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  1. Oh Sandra, this is powerful. I can sense in in the rhythm of the words and the tone they strike. I can tell even as I read that Holy Spirit was gifting this to us through you.

    Heavenly Father, I speak blessing and clarity over every person who reads this post. May they find the encouragement they so desperately need. May they discover the deep, lasting intimacy with You that transforms lives. Give them open eyes, open ears, open hearts, and open hands. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    1. Thank you, Sarah. I rejoice that you were able to grasp the infilling I did my best to express. Many thanks for your prayers.

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