I know it’s a bit of a simplification, but it dawned on me today that coming into faith in ADONAI might be something like moving from an hourly job to a salaried position.

time clockHourly Mindset

  • You need to keep your eye on the clock because your pay depends on how many hours you work.
  • You need to be attentive to your assigned duties because your performance might be found wanting at any moment.
  • You need to be alert concerning any benefits to determine your eligibility.



BenefitsSalaried Mindset

  • You need to set your heart on the mission because your dedication matters.
  • You need to commit your mind to your responsibilities because your leadership contributes to the future.
  • You need to allow yourself to make use of the benefits granted your position.


Rather than being focused outward as an hourly employee may be, people of faith are to be focused on the inner man.

We’re called to apply our hearts and minds and spirits to the mission ADONAI lies out before us in order to accomplish His will and enjoy the rewards bought and sealed for us.

How do you see your ’employment’ in the body of Christ?
Are you living as if you’re an hourly employee?
Or have you taken up your leadership position with its responsibilities and rewards?

May the LORD cause us all to comprehend His will and provisions. Amen

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