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Sandra and I met on the Christian writers and speakers conference circuit, and quickly became special sisters. At one event, I overheard Sandra ask for prayer for a place to stay while she finished her book. I heard God’s whisper and quickly mentioned she’d be welcome at our North Carolina home. Though I had yet to discuss the idea with my husband, I had peace about the invitation. She was hesitant and left my offer open, but I sensed she’d be coming to us.

When she moved in, Sandra quickly became family. Our three months together were filled with the delight of seeing God at work in both of our lives. While my husband and I provided living space, Sandra offered a fresh look at life. Her dedication to health and wellness, as well as preserving prime time with the Lord and her writing, encouraged me to check my priorities.

At times though, I saw Sandra as a butterfly with one wing caught in her cocoon. Half way out, with her free wing flapping, she struggled  to keep her head and heart from being pulled back into the dark phase of her transformation. During this time, she met and arranged a three-day session with Jill Swanson, a popular Image Coach. I sent her off with many prayers.

When Sandra walked back through the door after her makeover, the transformation was more than I … or anyone … could have imagined. Her inner beauty was released as when a gorgeous butterfly emerges. Though the obvious changes were outward, she radiated a newness of heart and mind radiated. Her unbridled joy was contagious, and continues to be so.

Looking back over her transformation, all I can say is, “But God.” Sandra’s journey is part of the plan God set in place for her before she was born. As she walks in obedient surrender to His will, He grants her the clarity, confidence, and courage she needs to reclaim His design and purpose. She’s no longer a Wallflower Woman stuck in the shadows. She’s a woman created, cherished, and called to walk in freedom by the Most High God.

Bobbie Frazier and her husband Tom call Asheboro, NC home. Through blended families, they enjoy five children and 14 grandchildren. Bobbie is the author of the children’s book Dalton Discovers the Ten Commandments, and is a contributing author to the The Mighty Pen, a devotional especially for writers. Her current projects include faith articles for her local newspaper and an inspirational novel. She is co-founder of Prayer Pocket Ministries, an outreach helping others discover the joys of having a passionate, powerful, and consistent prayer life.  Find out more at Prayer Pocket Ministries or their FB page.

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  1. I love this post — the hospitality that Bobbie offered, the things God did within you both as you spent together, the makeover, and the opportunities that are opening as a result. To God be the glory!

    1. Amen. Thank you, Cathy. Glory to God is the motivation for both of us. I’m rejoicing that He’s honored through our story. <3

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