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May has been a month of upheaval for me. Primarily because of Mother’s Day. The first shift came when a friend posted about Birth Mother’s Day, a holiday started in 1990 to honor mothers who make adoption possible. Her experience fired an immediate and intense reaction. That’s part of my story too.

By the time I finished reading about her unexpected pregnancy in adolescence, I knew I had to share mine. Share on X

Thus, a plan to re-claim Mother’s Day for my later single life became a 6-post saga. My teenage agony in 1965-1966 exposed the utter lack of sensitivity for my plight in both that era and my family setting. My effort to process new information, connections, and impacts spurred me onward. What do I want to value in this holiday to honor the role of motherhood, for myself, my mother, all mothers?

I maintained some of the Mother’s Day traditions, such as including flowers and enjoying a meal at a favorite restaurant. Others I simply had to mourn and let go as my children and grandchildren have been out of touch for several years. One blessing was finding a fresh layer of peace about my relationship with my own mother, accepting her with fresh awareness.  Another was about my own legacy as a mother.

As imperfect as my efforts were, open to anyone’s evaluation as success or failure, my driving ambition was to please my Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. Many times I fell short and did all I could to make up for that, asking Him to fill up the gaps I knew must be there. I realized with gratitude how well He orchestrated the joys and challenges of my offering to hold me close across those 20+ years.

There’s no surprise that my good-bye to the month of May is bittersweet, but the emphasis is on sweet. For you see, the pain from the past that swept across what will now be my Mother’s Weekend celebration has allowed me to see that God’s grace and mercy are not solely extended to me on the subjects of sin and justice, but also of suffering and anguish. Jesus not only Saves. Jesus Heals.

Grace and Mercy = Forgiveness and Reconciliation + Healing and Revival Share on X

Have you been shaken awake about a past episode? One you thought you’d buried?
Let me assure you, God’s grace and mercy are BIG enough for YOU too.
Reach out for encouragement.


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