God Made a Way

Out of the darkness into the light might be how someone would describe the step from unbelief to recognizing the person and work of Christ as our own, aka salvation. Discovering my way back to this screen was a similar process.

You see, Survival Mode from trauma hijacked every scrap of mental energy and focus for staying alive to build a sense of safety. The loss of these blog-writing opportunities to stop the flow of the tyranny of the urgent, and collect my thoughts for even a few hundred words felt like an amputation. Even now I struggle to walk or write with confidence … but my story.

A few months ago, thoughts about topics to share whispered again. Ideas were all well and good, but the how and where process to put them together escaped me. I scoured my memory banks and came up with not a single click to try and find my way back. To be real, it was more than frustrating. It was personally demoralizing. And so I sat.

The phone call was about a different topic, but somehow led to me to share my dilemma with a fellow creative. We both went to our keyboards and, with her support, I found an old post. Then her phone went dead. I sat once again staring at my screen as I echoed the words of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20:12, “I don’t know what to do, Jesus. All I know is to cry out to You.”

I didn’t remember ever seeing it before, but a small Edit Form box in the upper right caught my eye. Sensing I had nothing to lose, I clicked on it and this dashboard appeared like a long-distance friend walking down a grocery store aisle toward me. The words “I’m back in business” popped out of my mouth and a fresh torrent of tears soaked my cheeks. No Joke.

If you’re not a writer, please translate my brief account into the style of your core’s connection with God … the setting of the link between your intimate private Self Jesus designed and the Sovereign of the world. As I reflect now on my opening words, out of the darkness into the light, I realize this episode illustrates an ongoing perspective shift I notice taking place.

I came to be not by the will of man, but by God’s plan from before He said the words, Let there be light. I came to saving faith not by my own cleverness, but by God’s grace. I could say I found my way to this space, but I have no doubt my friend’s phone died by divine intervention to grant me the opportunity to see my great weakness and call out for Christ’s rescue. I could say I suddenly noticed that little Edit Form box, but I know Holy Spirit brought it to my attention.

Another teeny-weeny event with massive influence on the reclaiming of my Ephesians 2:10 unique Design and divine Purpose, built on the foundation of who my God is and how intimately and perfectly He cares for me to remind me how precious I am to Him. Amen

How I Found My Way is an erroneous title. The appropriate version is How God Made A Way. That’s pretty much the story of my life. 🙂

May you know the same foundational Truths.

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  1. Beautiful Sister, I love how you see Him in all things. It’s such a testament to His work in you—and to His healing in you. And as a writer and creative, I know this unction well, for I too am feeling the call to settle back into the life of words—my deepest connection with Abba flows from my using His gifts in me.

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