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In case you haven’t seen them, Facebook has been sporting photographs of my meals for the last little while. God used a time of struggle to get my attention about intentionality. Every time my thoughts wandered, tension alerted me about the need to stay focused. Mealtimes were the hardest.

Determination to get my unruly thoughts in line erupted one day as I was making breakfast. Know what I mean? That's when the Mealtime Practice Sessions began. Share on X

At first it was fun to share my efforts on FB via the photos. More than enjoyable, putting together a plate and sharing a picture was inspirational. Not too much pressure . . . motivational. After a while though, someone asked why they weren’t able to make their eggs look as pretty  as mine. I pondered.

Cooking eggs is a tricky activity for me so I empathized with my friend’s experience. I replied that I always turn the pretty side up when I serve eggs. She seemed pleased. My pondering continued.

Did people think every meal looked like those photos? Were people seeing me as some sort of artist or expert? That’s when I started posting mistakes I made, meals that were less than perfect or pretty. Some that just plain flopped. Comments about the flaws and failures appeared.

The responses were gentle … or just plain entertaining. More pondering.

I work to present the best possible ME I can be at a first impression and onward. That’s all well and good with human relationships, but was I doing the same with Jesus? Was I bringing only the pretty side to my Rescuer? I didn’t want to do that with my FB Friends. I certainly didn’t want to offer only my pretty side to the One who gave up heaven to set me free.

I took that heart-deep conclusion to my Shepherd with empty hands and a willingness (dare I say anxious desire) to expose the ugly parts I’d rather He didn’t see. His tender acceptance has been real and is ongoing, accompanied by healing and peace.

A thriving relationship with Christ includes the ups and downs, the pretty and the ugly. Are you ready to open both sides to His love? Share on X

If so, come join me at this special event on November 23. It’s time to reclaim your design and purpose.

with delight in His hands,


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