How to Appreciate and Marvel at Clouds

by Sandra Allen Lovelace @SandraALovelace #WallflowerWomen #TimetobeYOU!

Clouds are becoming an important part of my life. No. Not as scientific phenomena to study. Nor shapes to exercise my imagination.

Clouds are turning into friends with a bonus. Share on X

South Carolina’s skies grabbed my attention as I drove here and there. White against a Cerulean backdrop or black and gray against slate, either fluffy, flat, or scattered, the billowy constructs draw my mind upward. More than once they’ve reminded me of the gorgeous landscapes along the Dutch coastline.

Warm air rises and as it cools the moisture it carries condenses. The tiny water or ice droplets gather into what scientists call a hydrometeor, a small body of water suspended in the atmosphere above the earth. No pillars or staging supports them. No string or cable dangles them. Clouds are a wonder mankind can research and describe, but cannot claim.

Out on a sailboat, dark clouds warn a storm is on the way and the wise sailor heads to shore. Cottony masses mark fair weather ahead and confirm plans for a picnic are safe. Farmers say clouds are the best meteorologists, the higher their formations, the better the weather. Their eyes are often turned skyward.

My new relationship with clouds includes these dynamics and more. I marvel at the visible non-structures that mysteriously hang above me, and draw my heart and mind heavenward … above the earth and sky. They’re real but intangible, seeming as solid as a pillow. Silent sentinels who make their presence known with tenderness and power.

All this pondering leads me to the One who truly watches over me. Share on X

Always there though unseen. Always communicating though often unheard. Intangible but more real than any other thing. Knowable but impossible to fully comprehend. Every cloud is a testimony to His presence.

God is with us at all times, calling us to higher.
How does He make Himself known to you?

The Almighty reigns,


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  1. I always lived in the city where trees hovered over my house, so imagine my delight when we moved to the country to four wide-open acres full of sky! I still miss the trees, but when this happens, all I have to do is step outside, look up, and before I know it, the praises begin to flow. Thanks for this reminder, Sandra!

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