How to Avoid Frustration With Plastic Wrap

by Sandra Allen Lovelace  @SandraALovelace  #WallflowerWomen  #TimetobeYOU!

Life is not the easiest thing to manage. Have you noticed? A box of plastic wrap delivered some wisdom on that topic to this chronic participant in unrealistic expectations.

With the best intentions and massive effort, somehow things don’t always go my way. That scenario has repeated itself in small and large ways for years. Stick with me while I explain some clarity that appeared in an odd way.

Plastic wrap first appeared with cardboard teeth along the lid. As a kid, no matter how hard I tried I could not get the stupid stuff to tear straight. It would stick to itself in a jumbled mess every single time, driving me to tears.

Next came metal teeth along the edge. I learned to prevent the balled up mess by pulling the plastic over the object I wanted to wrap, but I cut myself more often than not. Aluminum foil became my go-to for saving leftovers. However, a crisis arose in my recent change to a healthier diet that has me eating more fruits and veggies.

Since I can’t eat a whole cantalope in one sitting, I need to keep the rest fresh. Foil isn’t practical and, begrudgingly,  plastic wrap went on my shopping list. Years of wrestling replayed in my memory as I surveyed the grocery store shelves. To avoid possible injury, I chose a box with cardboard teeth not metal ones.  Ahha moment #1.

The old messy ball trick got me again. No matter how long I pondered or how hard I tried, there was no easy way to cut the plastic. I had to reach for the kitchen scissors every time. I finally had to admit plastic wrap is hard to handle. Now I grab the scissors whenever there are leftovers. Yes. It’s an added step I’d rather not take. But the lack of frustration is a surprise and marvelous blessing.  Ahha moment #2.

Let me share a couple of life lessons from my plastic wrap encounters.

Wisdom Tip #1 Avoid possible injury, choose the option with the lowest risk.

Wisdom Tip #2 Admit life is hard and be willing to take steps to avoid frustration.

Every day interactions can bring ahha moments.
What life applications have you come across lately?


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