How to Exchange Overwhelm for Peace in 5 Minutes Flat

by Sandra Allen Lovelace  @SandraALovelace  #WallflowerWomen  #TimetobeYOU!

Maybe, like me, you find it hard to imagine peace in this life, especially lately. Maybe, as I have, you figure real contentment must be for folks more spiritual than you. Or the cost to get there is more than you were willing to pay. Let me assure you peace is more than possible, and the process is at your fingertips.

Troubling times are an excellent opportunity to learn to dwell in peace. Share on X

Before we go on, let’s agree any skill worth acquiring isn’t automatic. To accomplish this powerful shift and do so with ease is going to take a decision and some effort. Let me share my story.

My step into faith came in a valley of despair. The comfort zone of security I tried to create was beyond my reach. My inability to negotiate adulthood with a load of trauma led to collapse and confession. Decades of walking with Jesus repeated the pattern of valleys with trials and threats taking me to the end of my strength and smarts, and into His arms.

Frankly, the short-term escapes from the hornets’ nests of travail made me discontent with the standard Christian lifestyle I knew. Over the last few years, I’ve come to recognize the key strategy in my pursuit of the peace I crave is worship. Not only the Sunday morning corporate kind, though God meets me there.

Worship for me is mind-body-spirit communion with the One who made and cherishes me. Share on X

Practice began with small, purposeful tastes as I spent time in devotions, enjoyed nature, and listened to music. Jesus and I grew closer as He guided me through mild discomfort. Stressful occasions allowed me to call on the training sessions to calm my body and turn my mind toward the truth of His presence and promises. Each situation built on the one before and fed my confidence and trust.

To say my worship habit is fully in place would be misleading. We live in a fallen world and trying times continue. But these days, when I hear opening notes from one of my worship songs like the one below, I settle right into my Savior’s embrace. When I shut out distractions I’m able to surrender my intimate self to my Shepherd and peace prevails. Yes. In 5 minutes flat.

Have you had enough of overwhelm, trauma, the struggle?
Maybe it’s time to ask Jesus to show you the power of worship.

Let me know how I can pray for you in confidence.


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