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Guest Post by Dena Johnson  @SandraALovelace  #WallflowerWomen  #TimetobeYOU!

I receive emails on a regular basis, but this one was different. Energy and enthusiasm poured off the page as she shared a small piece of her story.

Sandra and I have both had the privilege of being mentored by Shannon Ethridge. We’re both passionate about our calling from God. We both have amazing tribes He’s entrusted to us.

And we have both been wallflowers, transformed by the power of a loving God.

My journey may be different than Sandra’s, but the result is the same. For me, God used the pain and devastation of divorce to do an amazing work in me so He could do an amazing work through me. He used betrayal at the deepest level, the most intimate betrayal one can experience, to change me … forever.

Nine years ago, I was spiraling downward as my marriage crumbled, regretting what I thought of as years of unanswered prayers. My faith was challenged in ways it never had been. The shame and guilt I tried to climb over felt like an insurmountable mountain. The pain of being disqualified from the ministry I loved was more than my broken heart could handle.

But God . . .

God pursued me relentlessly. He fought for my affections. He loved me unconditionally. He became my security. He faithfully walked me through the wilderness as He provided for my every need. Through the pain of divorce, God has taken my ordinary life and made it extra-ordinary (Job 8:7).

And what does this have to do with my relationship with Sandra?

We were both submissive little pastor’s wives who met the needs of everyone around us while we ignored our own, what she calls Wallflower Women. But through my divorce  process, God showed me an inner strength and confidence that only comes through an intimate relationship with Christ, a daily walk that changes us from the inside out.

I see that Sandra’s makeover has worked the same transformation. She exudes the beauty of a life molded by Christ. Her confidence as she moves forward in life knowing God will redeem her present pain is a major inspiration to me. Her passion for becoming all God created her to be draws me in, inspires me to be all I can be.

I pray I can be more like Sandra each day. I pray I’ll exude the strength that can only come from abiding in Christ.

May we all learn to find beauty, wholeness, and freedom in this broken life . . . just as Sandra has.

Thank you for your kind words, Dena. God does indeed have His own way of drawing us to Himself to walk in His design and purpose. Hallelujah.

Dena Johnson has walked through the rejection and pain of adultery and found her true identity in Christ.
She’s lived the chaotic life of a single mother struggling to raise three children and emerged stronger and more alive.
She’s learned to see beauty in her brokenness, and strives to help others do the same.
To find out more about Dena, visit her at

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