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When I first met Sandra at a writer’s conference a few years ago, I was struck by her quick wit and bounding energy. But it wasn’t until I spotted her makeover on Facebook two years later that I realized there was more to her than I first realized. I try not to focus on outward appearances, but Sandra’s transformation could not be denied. In fact, I didn’t recognize her at first—it was that dramatic.

Out of curiosity, I studied what made her appearance so different than before. It didn’t take long to notice the fresh hair cut, giving Sandra a youthful look and the makeup skillfully applied that highlighted her bright eyes and smile.

But it was her inner glow that stood out above the youthful  hairstyle and perfect shade of lipstick. I suppose when change begins to stir within, whether emotionally or spiritually, our earthly bodies can’t contain it.

At the writer’s conference following Sandra’s makeover, I saw a marked difference in how she carried herself. The energy within still hummed at an impressive rate, but now it was fueled by confidence, not insecurities.

Perhaps this shift stood out to me because of my own struggle with body image. I’d forgotten how our perspective, energy, and confidence change when we feel good about ourselves. God-grounded confidence helps us leverage opportunities we might miss otherwise, unlocking doors within the heart that may have held us captive our whole life.

But that’s the beauty of having Christ as our Master Locksmith. His power of molding us into the women we were created to be is limitless. Sometimes, as in my case, He uses rock-bottom circumstances to lift eyes heavenward. Other times, miracles are chosen to bless us to the point of change. And then, every so often, He selects a simple makeover to bring out the beauty that was already there, waiting to be set free for His glory.


Cathy Baker is a South Carolina author friend whose blog
pulls me aside for a read every time it shows up in my inbox.
You can find out more about her and take advantage of her
inspiring soul at her Tiny House website.

Thanks, Cathy.

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