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by Sandra Allen Lovelace  @SandraALovelace  #WallflowerWomen  #TimetobeYOU!

GreenLife Wellness is a resource that supports our Year of the Wallflower theme in a significant way. Their mission is to promote true health and improve the quality of life of their clients and community through an integrated medical approach … a worthy undertaking that completes the mind, body, spirit connection essential to discover our God-given design and enjoy our unique purpose.

Instead of treating symptoms with drugs and surgery, GreenLife offers Chiropractic, Functional Movement, Therapeutic Massage, and Regenerative Medicine. Patients receive informed, individualized care for the whole body to ensure a return to overall wellness. Attention is also given to reeducate muscles and movement to prevent future issues, and open the door to a rich and delightful future.

The GreenLife office opened in Greenville in 2014 based on the Gonstead System of chiropractic. This method relies on very specific and scientific analysis to inform where the chiropractic adjustment is needed and ensures that only the affected area is treated. Gonstead chiropractors assist patients who’ve been discouraged from chiropractic care, such as those who are post surgery or have other physical restrictions. People with little to minimal results from other types of chiropractors enjoy success when adjusted by a Gonstead practitioner.

Those facing more complex issues with possibilities of surgeries or replacements can move along the road to recovery with Regenerative Medicine. GreenLife offers PRP (platelet rich plasma) and Stem Cell injections. These options enhance the body’s natural ability to heal and allow the affected joints to begin to restore themselves.

The multi-faceted practice at GreenLife Wellness is a uniquely whole experience for anyone looking to avoid surgery, find pain relief or simply to enhance their overall wellness.

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Dr. Andrew Wright relates easily with his clients’ situations. Raised in Ohio, he suffered a serious knee problem, but a life-changing chiropractic adjustment returned him to an active athletic life. The experience fueled his desire to offer the same care to others, and took him to Life University. Earning a Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2011, he’s been compassionate about helping people live better lives ever since.

When not seeing clients, Dr. Andy relishes time at home with his wife Nichole and their two daughters, surrounded by a warm circle of family and friends. In a real sense, he widens that circle of care to include his clients. I know because I’m one of them.

Yes. Greenlife Wellness is more than a valuable highlight. I’m thankful for Dr. Andy and the Greenlife Team that’s currently tending my personal journey to avoid knee surgery, improve my mobility, and continue my transformation. Thanks to the entire office!


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