How to Slaughter a Slander Giant

by Sandra Allen Lovelace  @SandraALovelace  #FreedomWalker  #TimetobeYOU!

Being the target of gossip can make me feel anything from uncomfortable to offended. When it evolves into slander I want to take off my gloves and fight back. A recent discovery of more than a year’s worth of that exact dynamic, nearly crushed me. To be more accurate, the shock pushed me to the edge of my rational, sanctified self. Know what I mean?

Your life seems to be sailing along on a meaningful course when a storm with blinding lightning and deafening thunder slides over your head. The destructive force unleashes a level of trauma that threatens to explode your identity and your future. You do your best to clarify your actions and motives, but inability or unwillingness to function rationally evaporates your efforts.

The closer the slander slinger to your life, the deeper embedded in your heart, the greater the jolt to your system. You imagine drowning or suffocating might be easier to manage than betrayal by a loved one.

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On my journey from Wallflower to #FreedomWalker, I’ve learned to run immediately to the Maker of heaven and earth. The One who made me and understands my pain. The Shepherd who tends me with His healing touch. He reminds me of who He is and His engaging power and love, and I am revived.

The LORD is my strength and my shield;
My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped;
Therefore my heart exults,
And with my song I shall thank Him.

Psalm 28:7, NASB

Is it time for you to walk in the power of your divine design and purpose?
Let me show you how you too can become a #FreedomWalker.

With prayers for peace,


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  1. I’m sorry for the discovery of slander but thankful for the recognition of TRUTH — God is your defender. He will one day make all things right and until then, we have the privilege of leaning on Him for comfort, strength, and peace of mind. This exact verse is underlined and dated in my Bible.

    And, the next time the storm hits you sideways, just know I’m here and will gladly come alongside you with a tug boat (and coffee). Love you, friend.

    1. I value your compassion, Friend. The upside is that such trials are indeed glorious opportunities to settle in with the Godhead and revel in His goodness. Thank you for the offer of a welcoming shoulder. <3 I will remember it. Uh. But could we trade the coffee for tea? 😉

  2. Good morning dear Sandra, yes it amazes me the gall of people to sling slander. Your post is a drink of Living Water, that we remember who is Our King and Healer. The way evil lurks and stirs up strife shall not end until Our Savior comes on the clouds, or He takes us home. So thank you, Roomie, for leading us to walk in freedom, no matter what others think or say. May He bless you today in ways you least expect. Love in Christ, Julie

    1. Oh how thirst-quenching are your words as they reinforce the Truth that reinforces my heart, dear Roomie. His blessing is indeed rich today, burgeoning by your Comment. Thank you!!! <3

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