by Sandra Allen Lovelace  @SandraALovelace  #FreedomWalker  #TimetobeYOU

Violent winds battered the ship as cross-currents threatened to haul her wildly off course. Passengers hunkered down in their cabins and crew members trembled in their bunks. Would the storm sink the vessel at sea or dash her against unmarked rocks?

Out of the maelstrom of turmoil and terror, a single voice rang out, its confident authority in stark contrast to the scene. “Steady as she goes,” the Captain called. The helmsman shook the fear off his back and tightened his grip on the wheel. The weather might be the worst he’d ever seen, but this Captain was wed to his ship, had always returned her safely home.

Eyes on the compass. Follow the command. “Steady as she goes, Captain. Steady as she goes,” rose the reply.

In much the same way, we may find ourselves surrounded by a storm we have no reference for. Winds beat against our resources and currents drag us in counter directions. Lighthouses go dark and waves crash against unseen reefs. Tempests assail our minds and bodies and spirits. Peace is a near-forgotten memory.

Wait. Can you hear it? The Almighty’s voice rings out. “Steady as she goes.”

My resolve sets. I shake off the fear and strengthen my determination to know nothing (to avoid observations and conversations of disputable topics and events) of the world, and harken to what it means to be in Christ, to revel in His gospel (the truth of His presence and purpose) until I am safely home.*

“Steady as she goes, Lord my God. Steady as she goes.”

Is the storm screaming louder than your confidence?
Let me pray for you.

With peace in Jesus,


* 1 Corinthians 2:2, 2 Timothy 2:23-26, Titus 3:9

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  1. 😂Me thinks I am in such a storm , daily crying out, “Steady, Lord, guide me in Your Strength”, as I’ve been thrust into caring for my bedbound dad (since stroke 12 Oct 2020) and aging mom; dealing with legal medical issues for dad; house sale, apartment renting and settling in, a husband who doesn’t handle illnesses well (himself and others); and now thanking Him for guiding us to a property nearer parents and church to build a home (once He directs us to an architect and contractor).
    The winds are blowing hard, but steady with the Lord the journey continues into 2021 daily with His renewed mercies and blessings. Praises abound.
    You’re prayed for daily in our home, Dearest Sandra. Our Redeemer lives.

    1. Steady as she goes, Rox darling, Steady as she goes. Cause HE’S never lost a battle and HE never will!!
      Thanks Sandra for your prayers!!!
      God bless us all and grant us wisdom as we journey this earth.
      Hugs Roxma and Sandra.

  2. Love how your story draws us in, and BOOM. The Lord is our peace, steady as she goes. Needed this today as I am facing seminary storms📚📒may He bless you as you live out the rest of this given day, Sandra.

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