How to Transform Your Life with Fresh Definitions and Perspectives

by Sandra Allen Lovelace  @SandraALovelace  #WallflowerWomen  #TimetobeYOU!

What’s the marker for determining a person is old? Maybe it’s when she can’t read the numbers on the bathroom scale. Well, that would mean I’ve been old for a long time. And anyone with poor eyesight might be described as ancient.

So much depends on definitions and perspectives. Share on X

For example, how do you decide when you’re ready to perform a service or take on a task? Some people (presented company included) don’t feel prepared until they’ve run the topic and/or process into the ground with research, analysis, review, outlines, text, visuals, outside opinions, and more. They can’t approach the activity or event with any kind of peace until and unless some type of OCD mark is reached.

If that’s you, have you wondered (as I have) about other options? I’m happy to share some insights about an alternate style that come to light over the last couple of months as I prepared for an event. The plan was to not only read, but carefully work my way through every email and document that appeared. My notes and the wisdom I gained would surely be the foundation to serve effectively.

Life interrupted my plans and left me in the dust over and over. Share on X

Two days before departure my best levels of concentration and diligence came into play. A virtual walk through the schedule and materials had me lay out the details of the role entrusted to me. A late night was a small price to pay for the confidence that settled into my heart … for a few hours.  Are you with me?

The pre-conference leadership session brought a misunderstanding to light. I scurried back to my room to see what could be salvaged of my previous efforts. If God ever needs a middle name, Grace will be the most appropriate. He calmed my spirit and showed me how a simple adjustment would allow me to stay on track. Relief was my initial reaction. Ah ha! swept in next.

Maybe . . . just maybe . . . the goal wasn’t to make myself or my offering perfect. Aiming for perfection in the final product. Maybe the process has more to do with preparation for the Father’s plan. Bringing myself and my offering in line with His perspective.

Preparation NOT Perfection Share on X

Are you part of the gotta-be-and-make-it-perfect crowd?
If so, please share how you tackle the obsessive striving?

   Thank you, Sandra

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