Maybe you didn’t sign up for what you’ve got either.

Do people seem to look to you as if you’ve got something they don’t have but want?
Do they ask questions and / or seek your help sometimes in odd ways?  at odd times?
Do you find yourself stretched and overwhelmed with all the demands placed on you?

A Rack

I was pondering the Titus 2 mantle the Father has placed on my our shoulders. It’s heavy.

If you’re like me, your feelings tell you they aren’t sure you can bear the weight.
Your brain points out there’s no way you can offer the healing attention of the Lord unless you know it yourself.*

A mute scream. I didn't sign up to be a role model. Share on X

A runwayPerhaps an image erupts in your mind’s eye of a 5’9″ girl with 36-24-36 measurements and tiny feet. She’s walking along a runway surrounded by a gaping audience. In complete control of every aspect of her person. She’s gorgeous from head to toe and her face reflects the perfect expression for the moment. Down to the timing of her blinks.

Have you ever been there? Surrounded by people looking to you to show them the way to their goal . . . to meet their needs . . . to share the thing you seem to have that they don’t?

Children looking for comfort and needing direction.
Friends confused by life and wanting wisdom.
Co-workers crushed by responsibility and desiring relief.   . . .

Surely you’ve felt it.

I can’t be that person. I’m not tall enough or built right. I can’t walk like that. I have no idea how to behave in crowds. I didn’t sign up to be a model . . . not of any kind.

a ViseThe world's vise threatens to crush. Join me as we consider the Father's release. Share on X

1  The assignment is a lot less stressful than becoming a super model. Not Super Woman. Not Super Wife. Not Super Mom. Not Super Boss or Employee. Not Super Volunteer. Not Super Anything.

a reflectionSimply a mirror of the Father’s love applied through the work of Christ, marked by the embedded Holy Spirit. No hair and make-up routine. No designer outfit with pins still in it. Just plain us in fellowship with our God.

“And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory.” 2 Corinthians 3:18a NIV1984**

2  Our imperfections are expected and enhance our performance and experience. Not Perfect Love. Not Perfect Compassion. Not Perfect Peace. Not Perfect Patience. Not Perfect Kindness. Not Perfect Joy. Not Perfect Anything.

cracked potSimply a clay pot to house and display the power of its Savior. Nothing out of the ordinary to gawk at. Nothing special to polish and put on a pedestal. Just a powerless pot whose cracks leak out the Light of the world as we bask in it ourselves.

“But we have this treasure [the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ] in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.” 2 Corinthians 4:6

3  The One who set the mirror criteria is the only audience member to judge our walk down the runway. Not Friends. Not Spouses. Not Children. Not Bosses or Co-workers. Not Officials. Not Yourself. Not Anybody Else.

A signSimply a relationship with the One who knows our frame and rescues us in the midst. No Striving. No Phonyness. No Condemnation. No Shame. No Misplaced Guilt. No Fear. No Inferiority. Just a bond of love and mercy, grace and peace, power and courage that brings balance, fulfillment, and joy.

“There is only one Lawgiver and Judge.” James 4:12a

We walk the runway of life for an audience of One. Share on X
How are you doing out there?      Comment here.


*2 Corinthians 2: 1
**NIV1984 unless otherwise noted

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  1. Oh, Sandra! I felt a sigh go through my whole being as I read this! THANK YOU! I can’t keep up with the expectations (mainly my own!) I can’t be good enough or wise enough. But oh, what a relief to be reminded that I just need to be a mirror. So thankful! Love you, friend! Thank you for encouraging me this morning!

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