Lost in a Dilemma with No Easy Way Out

by Sandra Allen Lovelace  @SandraALovelace  #WallflowerWomen  #TimetobeYOU!

The Lenten season has taken on a whole new look for me this year. From a countdown of sorts to a time of meaningful consideration. How does one properly honor Christ … His life, death, and resurrection? Surely, we need to bathe ourselves in His gifts of forgiveness and everlasting life. Not simply understand them with our minds but absorb them into our bodies and souls as well.

A recent article shared ways I planned to prepare for Easter. However, upsetting circumstances, emotional challenges, and the results of worldwide events ganged up on me. My efforts to settle into my Abba’s arms had me feeling like a child trying to scramble across a net bridge. How do I get from here to there?

Jesus stepped in to clarify and stabilize my relationship with His Father, as He did for the disciples in Luke 11. Share on X

I’m not a bold neighbor knocking on heaven’s door at midnight, asking a friend to loan me something. And God isn’t a friend all tucked in bed who says he can’t help me. Nor is He the kind of friend who finally gets up and responds because I keep knocking. Nor is He a Father who would terrorize His children when they tell Him they’re hungry.

Back on track to release the temporal lies of the world and embrace the eternal truth of God. Share on X

I’m a daughter invited to the heavenly table to chat with her Father. One who shares her deepest thoughts and emotions, needs and desires because she knows He’s powerful enough to solve any dilemma. And she’s convinced He’s motivated by His love for her, the kind that raised her older Brother from the grave.

My training will be a daily, intimate visit with Abba, Shepherd, and HS. A confession about my fear of falling short along with a plea for their intervention will probably start us off. I’ll ask HS to help me practice sharing from who I really am as I remember who they truly are. I know results will take time, but I’m learning to rely on their grace along with their power and love on this transformation journey.

Do you see yourself as a presumptuous neighbor or a precious daughter when you pray?
Jesus can help you sort out any confusion. I know because He’s teaching me.

Let me know how I can pray for you in confidence.


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  1. Good afternoon, Roomie, thank you for this. I often minister to others reminding them who they are in Christ, though sometimes forget myself that He is always available. Yes, my mornings are my go to time with Jesus. After reading your post, I will add to my morning conversation , Lord please remind me I am Yours while I cook dinner and when I get overwhelmed in my head. May God bless you, my friend. Praying as I type His voice is what you hear each day and that you rebuke any voices that aren’t His.

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