TrainThe weekend was an intriguing collection of sights in the swamp and views from the peaks.

It started off with a two hour train ride from CT that served as an adjustment period. A time to switch out the country sim card for the city one. It was a process that took time even though I was able to translate easily for my Israelite companion. ¬†ūüėČ

I trust you recognize her shawl.

A visit to the New York Public Library with an artist in town for the week was our introduction to the beauties of the city. It was also a step into culture shock. Finding our way using my heart language was ODD.

metroGetting places in NYC is a lot different than making our way by car around Maine or traveling by caravan across the desert. We were thankful this first cross-city trip took place while the sun was still shining.

A non-stay at a seedy hotel in spite of reservations almost caught us in some quicksand. But it was onward and upward crossing Brooklyn for an hour by bus as the sun set.

Shabbat dinner with new friends at Life in Messiah International delivered the richness of fellowship across the Old and New Testaments as well as continents through those around the table.
Dear ADONAI, please bless these brothers and sisters for their gracious welcome and provision of a place to lay our heads.

JuliaThe next day ADONAI met us at the Shabbat services of Chosen People Ministries. He filled our time together with deep worship, warm fellowship, and fledgling connections.

Rev. Richard Flashman spoke on the meaning of the first commandment, “You are to have no other gods before me.” He transcribed it to, “You are to make ADONAI¬†first, pre-eminent in your life.”

This photo show us¬†at the Charles L. Feinberg Center with Julia, the dear friend of Ariella whom we’re waiting to meet face to face in Israel. (More on that soon.)

It was hard to pull ourselves away, but we had to get to 42nd street in Manhattan.

Bench picMy friend Rebecca found us right where she told us to wait. From there she showed us many sights in the Rockefeller Center area. Here we are sitting on a bench on the edge of Central Park. It was a lovely day.

We walked until our legs almost fell off. Thankfully we were carried along by our conversations which were full of the joy of the LORD.

¬†ADONAIs arrangement, Na’omi and I spent our second night at Rebecca’s home on Staten Island. We snuggled into a cozy bed where we¬†were granted refreshing sleep. That meant we had enough energy to attend worship back in Brooklyn.

TabThe 280 member Tabernacle Choir filled the sanctuary with the joy of the LORD. It was impossible to stay seated and still while their voices rang out for the glory of our God.

The message from Haggai brought by¬†Jim Cymbala¬†challenged us to keep our eyes on the call we’ve received. It was a Spirit-blessed time.

The train ride back to CT and the trip by car back home were not long enough for us to process everything that happened. ADONAI continues to use various interactions to prompt us to get serious about planning our trip to Israel early in 2016. 

Please keep your eyes open for upcoming news about how we’re being directed.
Thank you.

May the great I AM show Himself to you with all His glory and grace, power and peace, wisdom and courage. 

In His redeeming grasp,


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