I keep my eyes open for images of Na’omi*. I’m not sure when or how I might use them, but I want to be ready. As you can imagine, most of the time she’s accompanied by Rut*.

Adonai blessed me through this painting even though Na’omi isn’t even depicted.


Rus Huffstutler is the artist and we were introduced this week by mutual friends. His work echoes the style of the Hudson River School, a 19th century movement that romanticizes landscapes. It’s said that artists of the period saw the American countryside as an indescribable display of the presence of Adonai that was too great to be expressed in words.

That perspective reminds me of the Jewish response to the holiness of Adonai, a holiness too great to even speak His Name.

I enjoy the detail and realism of the portrayal of Man taking harmonious dominion over the earth even if it is a bit idealized. What do you think of the application of this style to the story of Rut?


My conversation with Rus inspired me all over again about the story Adonai is giving me to tell. And as it turns out, Rus and his wife will be in New York City early next month. I’ve decided to combine my trip to worship with Beth Sar Shalom and Brooklyn Tabernacle with a face to face visit.

Please pray with me over the plans Adonai has for my NYC adventure.  Thank you.

with joy and peace in Adonai’s hands,

*Na’omi and Rut are the forms found in the Complete Jewish Bible by David H. Stern.

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