sad-red-headShe sat on the Bentwood chair staring through the screen. The blue sky outside the breakfast nook window went unseen. “What am I gonna do?”

Her hand batted away the option that came to mind. “That’s impossible. And where are you anyway, God? I give up.”

The Star Wars theme broke into her pain. She pulled her cell across the plaid … spotted table cloth. Gotta change that stupid ringtone. “Hello.” She paused while a friend spoke.

honeysuckle“No need to worry. I’m fine. Tired is all.” She caught a whiff of the honeysuckle cascading over the porch railing.

“Yes, it was another sleepless night.” A yawn stole her breath. “We can’t let her out of our sight. If she takes off, we couldn’t live with ourselves.”

She picked up the fork. “He took ’em all out to Mickey D’s to give me a break. Can’t figure out when he sleeps, coming home from 3rd shift. And I haven’t accomplished a darn thing. Just bein’ a slug.” Her hand toyed with the remainder of her meal.

blueberries-919029_1280“Well, I keep her with me so I can watch her all night long. I’m praying that besides keeping her from running, I’m also showing her how important she is … to me … to us.”

She swallowed a bite of pancake and waved the empty utensil. “Look. We’re gonna see her through this phase. Besides … keeping her close to me is the best way I can figure to demonstrate God’s promise to never leave or forsake His children … His chosen ones.”

dishes-197_1280“Yes, I know she’s been more than a handful or two for a while.” She cleared the table, adding the fork and plate to the pile.  “And I’m perfectly aware of the bad example she’s setting for her siblings. There are a lot of things going on I can’t sort out at the moment.”

Her weight leaned into the counter’s edge. “I just know that God didn’t abandon me when I was acting up and I’m not going to abandon her.”

Slamming car doors and a screeching toddler made her heart race. She poked at her bangs, wondering if she’d brushed her hair yet. “I need to go. I appreciate you calling to check in on me.”

iphone-410324_1280She straightened and walked across the kitchen. “Thank you so much. You know, the best thing you can do is pray for our family. God and His promises are what’s holding us together. I’ll see you on Sunday. Good-bye.” The cell slid into her pocket as the door banged back on its hinges letting five little people flow into the house.

“Hey, what’s all the noise? Have you been teasing the baby? Bring him to me. First, come on over here, Young Lady.” Her arms engulfed her teenage daughter in a long-lost-friend hug. “I missed you, Sweetie.”

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