BEFORE sitting copyMany of you are asking questions. I did promise to share more about my makeover through my posts. Guess I better get to it.

Let’s start with the question why. The answer has three words.

It was time.

Since returning from Europe the Lord has been leading me to refresh my writing and speaking career. I quickly learned that to make any progress I needed a new strength and courage only He could provide. I had to get serious about my personal and spiritual growth in order to develop professionally.

Once our house sold with no clear next step, God called me to come away with Him to complete my first novel. I drove south to friends and got to work. Early on I decided to put my manuscript in the hands of a reviewer. While I waited I turned my attention to other aspects of my revitalization goal.

It didn’t take long to realize my look was a bit . . . shall we say . . . tired. My haircut was fifteen years old and my glasses five years. My wardrobe was a mess of colors and styles. I was learning the image I projected was a poor reflection of the woman God created and cherished, called and celebrated.

And so it had to go.

SMALL afterMy decision was not based on fashion or influenced by popular trends. No outside pressure or input from friends. Investigating the idea of a makeover was to discover how to express the woman I am in the most authentic way possible. I’m still in that process with the light around me getting brighter.

The interest appearing for my New Look makes me wonder. Are there Wallflower Women among my readers? Women anxious to please God who pour out their lives in His service. They aren’t perfect, but no matter how hard they try they find themselves and their contributions minimized, marginalized, and undervalued. As if they were no more than a flower amidst a wallpaper field.

Do you have a sense there’s more to you than other people acknowledge?
Do you feel a new direction may be unfolding for your future?

Join me as I chronicle my pursuit of the balance, fulfillment, and joy I crave.

May the Lord bless you and keep you close.
In His tender grasp,

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  1. The beauty of the Lord within you is shining through, and the outside matches. I love how we, as women, can incarnate the idea of Psalm 45:13.

  2. New look! Same shining heart with a passion to help others light up the world with the love of the Lord.

    How fun to hear about your new balancing act while holding tight to the umbrella of Christ’s fulfilling grace while reflecting the joy of the Spirit.

    Shine on the journey of new discoveries of looking your best, serving your best, and being the best ambassador of the Light of the world. Shine on!

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