Be yourselfOnce I said yes to the makeover and made the arrangements I knew there was no turning back. The time frame I set was short and gave no opportunity to chicken out. I got to work.

First I went through my wardrobe and at Jill’s direction I weeded out anything that didn’t fit me, was outdated, tired or worn, and anything that didn’t make me feel great when I wore it. Since I’d already cut back my clothes to prepare for a move I only came up with a few items. I was feeling good.

Then Jill sent me paperwork. The first batch was general information about what she does and how she goes about it. I read it all and felt reassured that this kind lady was also a valid professional. The forms she sent next asked questions about my preferences and goals. They were not so easy to read . . . and fill out.

Sad outfit
I can’t believe I’m sharing this.

Of course it made sense she had to know what I was hoping to accomplish, what things I felt I needed, liked, and wanted in my wardrobe, where I shopped and how I felt about shopping, and more. It was just that it was all a bit much for me to decipher a lifetime of infrequent bursts of interest in clothes, makeup, and the like. I’m a writer, but even we have our limits.

I’ll save us all some time by telling you my preparations took a second set of forms, a Skype visit, and a photo array of every item I was confused about. (Thank you to my friend Bobbie for being my photographer.) I knew it was beyond the usual process and I felt like a hard case in spite of the encouragement Jill showered over me.

It was my introduction to how little I knew about myself. Share on X

And this is where I got the inkling that my New Look was going to take me beyond makeup and clothes . . . way beyond. It was going to take me deeper than physical appearance and farther than a mirror. And I hadn’t even been to one store yet.

I don’t mind reporting that I had to cozy up close to my God to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I had to continually remind myself of how He pulled the details together to confirm He’d opened the door. I only needed to step through it.

Has that ever happened to you?

Have you gotten down the street or around a corner and wondered what you were doing? How you’d get to your destination? Why you set out in the first place?

What do you do when those questions strike?
Share your strategy in Comments.

Asking the Lord who equipped me to do the same for you,

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