Jill w swatches
The expert begins her task.

I thought I was ready to take on the process to freshen my appearance.

Since God made it clear He had Ephesians 2:10 work for me, surely he would smooth my path.

It was fun to watch Jill confirm my colors and create a personal notebook. She was gentle as she walked me through a make-up lesson.

I only hesitated briefly over an item here or there as she culled through my clothing and jewelry. After all, we had two days to shop.

And shop we did. Share on X

I learned the height of Jill’s expertise when we went to the first store. One of the top things on my list was a pair of knee-length black boots. I looked at every shoe in the place and found nothing. A bit discouraged, I went about trying on slacks and tops. When I came out to let Jill see one of the outfits, she held up a pair of boots.

Dressing room
One of many dressing rooms.

“Where did you find those?”
“Over there.”
I smirked, “What size are they?”
“Eight and a half, didn’t you say that was your size?”
“Give those things to me!”

Yes, I bought them. Nearly-new Bandolinos that fit like custom boots for $25. “Okay, I’m done.”

Her eyeballs became saucers. “You’re done?” Poor lady didn’t know me yet.

I grinned. “I know we’ve got a lot more to do, but as far as I’m concerned these boots complete my wish list.” She breathed a sigh of relief.

We went on from there. In and out of consignment shops, stand alones, and malls. At first I felt awkward, as if I didn’t know the person in the mirror. I couldn’t imagine myself wearing some of the outfits Jill raved about. Voices from my past intimidated me.

“You should never wear red.”
“Patterns are not for your friend.”
“That’s not appropriate for a pastor’s wife.”
“You need to wear soft colors to disguise your strength.”

I silenced them and kept going. Share on X
Jill the shopper
Nothing like a pro-shopper.

I wanted to learn fast so I could make it on my own. I paid close attention to every comment Jill made. I asked so many questions I was surprised she kept answering me with gracious composure. Somewhere along the line I found courage to choose items and make suggestions. Whether yay or nay, she encouraged my efforts

By late afternoon I was enjoying myself. We put in a few more hours and called it a day at 9pm. I think we stopped for dinner.

Exhaustion hounded my body, but delight filled my soul. We’d accomplished so much and we were only halfway. I had every reason to believe I’d be all set to take on the task my Father was handing me.

I fell asleep without a clue that Day 2 would threaten to drown me.

Hey Friends, Jill gave me a few Update Tips to share with you. I’ll start with my favorite two. Grab some courage and give them a try.

  1. Add a belt. Choose a wide 2”–3” style. It can have a drop-buckle that hangs just over your belly button. Wear it over a shirt and under an open jacket or cardigan. The size of your waist is NOT an issue. You will look 10 (ten) pounds thinner!
  1. Once a week, try one new accessory or style that is out of your comfort zone. An artsy jacket, crazy sunglasses, 5 necklaces or bracelets instead of one – whatever strikes your fancy. Have fun. Express yourself. Feel the joy!

Jill is all about finding ways out of a rut.
Email or call her for an appointment, either online or in person.
jill@simplyjill.com      507-250-2030

How did you do with the Update Tips? Did you forward the post to your friends?

Let me know in Comments.

Asking the Lord to bless you with joy,

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